Have a good hand of the commercial WiFi: do things there is no entrance? In the era of the Internet browser entrance is fixed, the navigation station and the search bar, a Baidu brilliance; in the mobile Internet era, known as App store (entrance entrance applications) and WeChat (social and media from the entrance), they are boosting the apple and Tencent to become the world’s largest Asian valuations, respectively. The company. Along with the Internet time is getting longer and longer, the cost of traffic charges over the phone calls, we all hope that even WiFi Internet access, WiFi and even as physiological needs. In the consumer into the store, WiFi has become the standard to attract popularity. But WiFi can not be called the entrance, to become an entry must meet two conditions: first, can not be replaced, not across the past; the two is the commercial value of large, unlimited potential. Many people do not even install any of the WiFi App products, the same can be connected to the Internet (the company can not even connect, not even installed on the not even). The WiFi industry is not optimistic, according to iResearch 2015 "China commercial WiFi Industry Research Report" report, 2014 commercial WiFi market size is only 360 million yuan, 740 million yuan in 2015 (this figure is not good to take out a story, but the industry often quoted a report). This is a reflection of the gap. First, most commercial WiFi companies rely on advertising to support mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators based in some airports, high-speed rail and other high traffic areas, there will be some Wlan sites, but an utterly inadequate measure is a direct conflict of interest, and with the flow fee revenue model, so the improvement of WiFi hot can hope to do business WiFi entrepreneurs. WiFi entrepreneurs are placed under the line layout AP (Access point, wireless access devices) and other hardware, each cost about 4000 yuan. To become an indirect operator WiFi also need to spend money to purchase the flow of the three operators, and open up to the user free use. But WiFi entrepreneurial benefits are also very clear: WiFi place, some people rub network, only hot to cover, there will be a natural influx of users; in the major application market, WiFiApp downloads high, uninstall the low probability. Thus, WiFi entrepreneurs who hold the TMT entrepreneurs need to flow resources and user data. The first way to solve the traffic sources is WiFi manneungyulsoi allows users to share out the password and hot idle for others to use, once the number of active WiFi manneungyulsoi App after WeChat and Q. WiFi manneungyulsoi profit model is typical, is now in the center of the "App · are found;" (the name of the company is "Lian Shang network") forum is like a built-in navigation website, buy a car, second-hand, recruitment and jump directly to 58; sale channel guide to the No. 1 store; other recommendations, entertainment, news and headlines today is similar to the public, graphic content without exception is the link of advertising, in addition, push in Android edition.相关的主题文章: