He lent money to the ex girlfriend refused to let the other good self-esteem? She borrowed money from her son for reading. He felt that although he had broken up more than two years, but the impression of her heart, decided to lend money to help. He made an appointment to meet her good friends to send money, did not expect her to refuse. Asked the reason, she said: I do not want to hurt self-esteem, which makes him into confusion and depressed. To borrow money to attempt ended in event 36, Wang Fan, Leo on Thursday afternoon, I met former girlfriend Mandy in the street of the son of Ding Ding, he learned that because of economic reasons did not attend the famous middle school, an ordinary school but in not far from his home. I was surprised, June, Mandy specifically because reading things come to Tintin I borrowed 30 thousand yuan of money, she said do not want to let Tintin lose at the starting line, teeth to send him to read the key middle school. I thought about it for two days and decided to lend it to her. 30 thousand yuan is not a small number, I would like to lend Mandy because we have been separated for more than two years, but she left in my mind the impression has been good. And I was forced to break up under the pressure of the family, parents can not always accept her children, and resolutely oppose us together. That day I was ready for the money, and called on the little brothers know Mandy together, to send money to mandy. Why not choose a more convenient transfer? My girlfriend told me is very strict financial management, and particularly jealous, WeChat, Alipay, bank card transfers will leave traces. In order to avoid trouble, I made a special cash. Unexpectedly, when my friend in the restaurant downstairs Mandy home to see her, she declined, said the problem has been resolved, no longer need the money, and said sorry for not promptly notify me, let me baipaoyitang. She also said that although the loan was canceled, but still very grateful to me. I said all the money, you take it, when there is a return, not urgent. But Xiao Min or resolutely refused. I think this thing is over, I did not expect Tintin because of economic reasons did not read key schools. In addition to surprise, my heart is also a little uncomfortable. I called Mandy and asked her why, and she refused to say. I insisted that she said she didn’t want to hurt her self-esteem, and then hung up the phone. This is more uncomfortable in my heart, like being blocked as uncomfortable. She offered me a good help, help her, she rather baffling temporary Miss give up to help, but that hurts. This is what makes sense? Where did I hurt her pride? Dialogue two personal feelings are different, Zhang mail: you mentioned two times you feel about money is rather baffling, near the incident? Wang Fan: she borrows money. I don’t understand that she gave up borrowing. She said that I couldn’t understand it. Zhang Wei: these two don’t make you feel uncomfortable? Wang Fan: Yes, I am willing to help her is a kind, how can she say is hurt self-esteem? Zhang Wei: Well, maybe it’s your heart to feel good about helping her. Wang Fan: why two people’s feelings are different so different? How to solve this difference? Zhang: each person’s inner feelings are derived from TA’s own growth experience, values are very different, the solution is to respect the differences,相关的主题文章: