Heilongjiang "season of ice and snow tourism marketing" embrace of Chinese and foreign tourists figure for tourists in Harbin ice and snow world hit the ice slide, to celebrate the "eleven" holiday. Wearing a jacket, wearing ear bag Cao Wei is implementing icescape maintenance, 6 on the sixth day he is "eleven" to work overtime. In Harbin and a large work more than ten years, the first time in the autumn maintenance icescape, he said: "although only five or six hours every day, but to see the South tourists, foreign tourists would love Harbin BingDeng, I have the enthusiasm." "Summer cotton padded jacket, winter stalk" is regarded as "unwanted things", but Chinese north of ice and snow in the year are valuable resources. Anti season marketing, snow, winter tourism has become a famous province of Heilongjiang to enhance the international reputation of a good game. At present, the world’s largest indoor ice and snow park in the end of 6 in Harbin, the first opening of the world’s ice and Snow World Park, and the National Day golden week set off heat flow". 1 to date, covers an area of about 6000 square meters of Harbin ice and snow world indoor theme park in foreign tourists to see the passenger, snow very buy in autumn". The famous "Harbin ice and snow world first create indoor Park, prolong the life of snow and ice landscape, let the spring, summer and autumn three season visitors to Harbin can play ice snow." Wang Zengyu, deputy general manager of Harbin ice world. Only in the past winter wear down clothes, now a year and put into the park, Wang Zengyu said: "compared to the world ice and snow in winter, indoor park with ice color features, color is more rich, outstanding interactive, implementation of the Harbin ice and snow tourism development from the season to season four. In the first National Day holiday since the opening, it has become a new choice in addition to mountain climbing tourists abroad, many children can play in a day." Zhejiang Dong Yue children’s hometown and Harbin ice and snow world indoor temperature near 50 DEG C, she was wearing a skirt on the plane, at the moment the layers have been cotton wrapped into dumplings". In the kingdom of snow and ice, and her buddies hit the ice slide, open the ice ice bike riding the bumper car…… She threw up her red face said: "I play a sweat." The Dong Yue family of eight parents came to Heilongjiang, Lin Qun said: "we went to Mohe County Chinese Arctic village, especially lucky enough to catch the first snow in autumn. We are the first time to see the real snow, the first time to play real ice, particularly excited. Autumn is not so cold in winter, so crowded, but can enjoy the charm of Heilongjiang." Heilongjiang Lantau Peak national Forest Park also staged during the National Day "golden snow" colorful spectacle, cenglinjinran covered with white snow mountain, showing a day round, unique scenery of ten different days, the four seasons of Lantau Peak tourism development getting better. Organized by the Heilongjiang cross-country car tour will be more popular with foreign tourists to Lantau Peak, to experience "at the foot of autumn, see Wuhua mountains, the mountain top snow snow such as time and space" through the beauty. China "as the highest latitude provinces, Heilongjiang, early winter snow period," eleven "has become the summer, autumn and winter three season all tourism season." Northeast Forestry University by"相关的主题文章: