"Hero alliance" October 8th test: the difficulty of the game — strengthen man-machine people.com.cn original title: lol10 8 test: the difficulty of Halloween Timo miscellaneous strengthen man-machine the man-machine challenge mode adds a new difficulty, can be set up 100. Little demon: let’s jump to 100, we can handle it. Well, I wish you good luck. Heroes ned Grey Foss E skills * now toward the enemy hero can get 2 layer pure effect * pure man double effect resistance decreased from 1015202530 to 57.510 * 12.515 maximum number increased from 4 to 8. Kegemo giant mouth R skills * decision time by subsequent shells for 6 seconds to 8 seconds * base damage by 90130170 to 100140180 * damage threshold increased from 35% to 40% wild female hunter Nai Deli form E skills * treatment amount by 4585125165 205+0.5 spell strength was adjusted to 25456585 to 5090130170 210+ 105+ spell spell strength, based on the target value of life lost. The biggest snowman QiShi Nur Nur Q * life skills of each layer meal is available on the effect value was reduced from 3% to 2% (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: