High energy early warning! September 28th – Sohu opened Xiamen Fangte holding tourism high-energy warning! September 28th Xiamen special costumes opened, ready to embark on a journey of joy? Park Park opened it! As a result of the 14 super typhoon "Meranti" impact, Xiamen Fangte Magic Kingdom Park closed since September 14th so far, however, the safety evaluation and detection before operation of each park project, we will be in September 28th for the park opened, yes, resurgence of Xiamen Fantawild will be a new attitude to meet the eleven National Day Golden week. Cool fun rides the National Day Golden week! Follow the stereo magic show magic castle! Demon cast, monster attack, fall into the abyss…… A magical kingdom threatened by growing crises only the bravest, magician, can through numerous tests, finally obtained the "magic school graduation certificate"! Digital giant screen 3D film – the light of life! In the grand picture and magnificent momentum show from the origin of life to human history, lead the tourists to interpret the mysteries of life, to appreciate the nature of the sublime and the magic; the most classic rotary roller coaster, polar express! Set fighter stunt pilot simulation and experience, rolling up and down speed, diving, to bring you the state of weightlessness, centrifugal exciting experience; in addition to more over the limit, the adventure, battle of the Jinshan Temple indoor and the joy and magic items, such as a large pendulum exciting outdoor projects you hi! (our maintenance not open Oh ghost)! The theme of Halloween haunted house to play! The grim ghostly children’s Hospital, take you into the darkness, making the most beautiful screaming, scared every hairs on your body; lustrous and dazzling resembles the true fear of private museum, watch soul, experience is completely different in despair; blood light on the cupola ridden ghost, a bloody revenge the forthcoming! The most brave prospector who haunted house, are you? Wonderful performance show! Happy National Day show! Happy moments, of course, good performances! Young blood limit dunk, no matter how combination air dunk, or leap ten fancy dunks, cool exciting action let you absolutely terrified; from Africa Uganda small girls bring traditional and exotic African inspired, bright and warm; in addition to the hip-hop hip hop boy and funny clown comedy appearances on stilts! This national day, Xiamen Fantawild you have more exciting! (Li Xujiang)相关的主题文章: