Hong Xiuzhu on Terry Gou for the 2020 rumors: first recruit him to join the Party Beijing – China Taiwan network November 16th news according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump was elected president, successfully entered politics from business. Today (16 days) a week pointed out that Hon Hai group president Terry Gou intends to run in 2020 the leaders of Taiwan, the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu expressed "very good", but the first absorption he joined the KMT in order to participate in the party primaries, very optimistic about Guo will be popular. Hong Xiuzhu went to the Taipei City Council between tonight to attend party fundraiser, asked Terry Gou for the 2020 issue, she bluntly not heard the news, if the election will be the first recruit him to join the party. Asked the media, the party can help relieve the assets of Guo crisis, Hong solemnly said that "you think too much, the party would like to have more understanding of the party’s work and spirit, not completely money for consideration. For the former deputy leader of Taiwan Wu Dunyi active layout election party president, even the studio are ready, Hong Xiuzhu has repeatedly stressed, in such a difficult time the Kuomintang party, good comrades willing to take responsibility for the party to stand up and express the idea of the future, to show their own attempt, "it’s all good." According to Taiwan media reports, according to Terry Gou reported the leader for the Taiwan area in 2020. Today, Hon Hai pointed out that at present no matter. (Lining, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: