How much do you know about ovulation? Sohu maternal and child believe that pregnant mothers are aware of the importance of ovulation, only the law out of the health of small eggs, and a strong combination of small sperm, in order to smooth pregnancy! How large is the follicle discharged? Follicles more than 1.8 belong to the dominant follicle, if the discharge can be fertilized. Normal follicles grow to 1.8× 47.5px, intima 20px thick, on the ovulation. Note: follicle to the specific discharge varies from person to person, if the discovery of follicles greater than 1.8, can be detected every day. Every day the follicular growth rate is 0.1 7.5px, not the mother went to the hospital as the case may be detected until the follicles reach between 1.8 to 70px the pregnancy rate is relatively high, can be 3 days to the hospital to do a B ultrasound follicle has not broken, if that is the best period. When does the egg discharge? General ovulation, basal body temperature will be slightly higher, and the leucorrhea thin, some patients abdomen mild pain etc.. Women’s ovulation is in about 14 days before the next menstruation. To be on the safe side, we will be the first 5 days of ovulation, after the first 4 days, together with ovulation day, including a total of 10 days, called ovulation. If the menstrual cycle is not normal, can be measured by body temperature, cervical mucus and other methods to see whether ovulation. How many times a month do women get eggs? In general, women of childbearing age will only ovulate once a month, can be discharged from the left and right sides of the ovary, or by the side of the ovary continuous discharge. Ovulation and the environment, contraceptive drugs and other factors, and sometimes can be early ovulation or a row of two eggs, and sometimes can be delayed ovulation or anovulation. What does it feel like to have an egg? Abdominal pain – mature ovum from the ovary to break through the surface, a layer of thin film coated on the surface of a human egg follicle. Egg discharge, a small amount of liquid inside the follicle, it will flow into the lowest part of the pelvis, resulting in a small amount of bleeding, so there will be a side of the abdominal pain occurs, but a few hours after the good. The increased vaginal secretions with approaching ovulation, vaginal secretion gradually increased, showing the thin white; to the secretion of ovulation period increased significantly, and watery and transparent and clear, will feel the genitals wet slippery, mucus egg like stripes. The uterine bleeding in addition to ovarian ovulation, is also in charge of secretion of endocrine hormones. Ovulation before and after estrogen secretion due to fluctuations in the body, resulting in a small amount of uterine bleeding, called ovulation bleeding. The temperature is slightly higher, breast pain and some women will appear slightly high temperature phenomenon, some women have breast swelling or pain in the nipple of ovulation will sometimes couldn’t touch the nipple. Special reminder: not all hospitals are family hospital, the hospital family is only one of Beijing, no branch! Beijing family hospital is approved by the State Department of health of the infertility specialist hospital. Welcome to call Beijing Tianlun hospital 24 hours hotline: 010-85631116.相关的主题文章: