Hsu Chi: look forward to relent when the mother wants to send a gift! Sohu Hsu Chi entertainment entertainment Sohu when mom look forward to relent (visual China Figure) Taiwan media reports, Hsu Chi announced in early September of this year and to hold Stephen Fung’s 20 year marriage, yesterday (2 days) she was wearing a white dress at the jewelry, the first talk about married life, just with Ruby Lin, Kelly Lin travels back her husband said we still love to have their own space, Kelly Lin suggested that she should have two babies, Hsu Chi smiled and said: "we argue the God gives us a gift, she is also very good, I also very good!" Watch Hsu Chi married marriage low-key look at traditional Chinese medicine prepared pregnant [Click to view photos] asked ranking marriage home has not changed? Hsu Chi said that there is no change, the top two is still the cat, and the other is her, did not mention the first row of Stephen Fung, married life is not much difference, as to when to have children, said to wait for God to arrange for the children of, Hsu Chi. Carina Lau also appeared in the same field, the media asked whether she will give birth to Hsu Chi? She said each way of life is different, if she wants to have her hope early, if you do not want to, will not be pressed each other. [reading] and Stephen Fung met twenty years in four years in 1997 Stephen Fung and Hsu Chi met for shooting the movie "bishonen rumored", and. Then Hsu Chi and dawn for filming "city of glass" fell in love, Stephen Fung and Karen Mok open relationship, so the "Shu Lun love" after two people still settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, very good friends. Karen Mok held a new song in Taiwan in December 2008 when he announced that he had broken up with the beginning of the year, after the end of the past nine years, after the meeting from time to time about the gathering of the president of Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung. In 2009, Hongkong media reported that two people in Stephen Fung’s Taiwan apartment dating Hsu Chi, eating snacks while smoking, Stephen Fung went to the balcony to accompany, but also cook for Hsu Chi. Since two people often photographed traveling together and feet before and after the date, although dating looks low-key, but it is an open secret in the circle. 2012 Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung was photographed honey tour Tokyo, although there is no intimate action, but the two apparently tacit understanding. November 2012 is shooting "Tai Chi 1 from scratch" Stephen Fung, drying out a photo of Hsu Chi in micro-blog, suspected default affair. However, after Hsu Chi’s birthday is celebrated more alone, posting said: "the promise is like farting, then shaking heaven and earth, after the feeble. Now I, you indifferent, remember, after me, you can not afford!" Speculation that the two broke up. The early morning of March 2014 Hsu Chi in social media uploaded a picture of Stephen Fung and May May Boy at the cat eat more photos, write "Men" s dinner ", people seem to fall into a reverie, public affair. In the afternoon, she put the cat photos and leave a message: "what do you think?……" Immediately aroused the attention of fans, and have sent a blessing to the two people love, then, Hsu Chi’s agent also tacitly the love of the two. On the night of March 26, 2016, Hsu Chi uploaded a picture of a cat standing in the trunk.相关的主题文章: