Huang Xiaoming announced Baby pregnancy in the middle of how to maintain a special beauty – Sohu maternal and child has been reported recently baby pregnancy news, and finally in October 8th was confirmed by the Huang Xiaoming. That night, Huang Xiaoming drying out and baby travel photos in micro-blog, announced that his wife is pregnant. He wrote in the micro-blog: three people travel, but also a lot of times later, Thanksgiving, daughter-in-law, then suspected Huang Xiaoming circle of friends was exposed fans. In the screenshot, Huang Xiaoming in addition to upload baby photos and loving photos, wrote: "hedeheneng can have your gratitude, daughter-in-law!" suspected Angelababy in this paper under the loving response: "Congratulations, old come!" Baby married Huang Xiaoming in micro-blog announced licensing in May 27th last year, October 8th held a grand fairy tale wedding in Shanghai the same year, marriage has been sweet. The Baby pregnancy is more happy for the marriage of two people. Pregnant women in the middle of the mother of the special beauty of pregnant women with the increase in pregnancy, the physiological form will be a lot of special changes. These changes reflect a special beauty in women’s life. Medical research tells us that women pay attention to their own to maintain the beauty of pregnancy, not only can adjust the mood, is conducive to physical and mental health, at the same time, can also play a role in fetal education. Therefore, it is very important for pregnant women to maintain the special beauty during pregnancy. So, pregnant women how to maintain this special beauty? Adequate nutrition intake of pregnant women should eat proper and nutritious food, often eat lean meat, animal liver, egg, mushrooms and fresh vegetables, in order to meet the physiological pregnancy on the protein, vitamins and iron needs. Pay attention to skin protection during the day to go to work or walk, should wear a visor or put on sunscreen, so as not to strong sunlight. Every time you wash your face, to paint some moisturizing and nourishing skin cream. In addition, every night before going to bed, do facial massage. This can accelerate the blood supply of the skin, keep the delicate facial skin, but also conducive to the early recovery of postpartum skin function. During the period of Qin hair washing pregnancy, pregnant women often wash hair, can promote scalp blood supply, if coupled with a suitable hairstyle is more icing on the cake". In order to freshen up the best choice for pregnant women is convenient, comfortable and convenient short hair. Appropriate make-up with the increase in pregnancy, pregnant women, hormone receptors and mental factors, facial skin will appear rough, pale, etc.. If every day a makeup, look refreshed. The right amount of pregnant women in the physical condition of the case, should always pay attention to carry out some activities, such as walking and easy exercise, etc.. Choose the appropriate body clothing during pregnancy, in the premise of comfortable clothing, pay attention to pay attention to the fabric and clothing style, the same can add beauty. The use of vertical stripes of the fabric, so that the body appears to have a uniform line, the design can be used a little wide shoulder approach, so that the abdomen does not appear prominent. Can also be installed in the neckline lace or wear corsage, can reflect the special beauty of pregnant women.相关的主题文章: