Huang Yitan two divorce: daughter has saved his own — entertainment channel — original title: Huang Yitan two divorce "daughter has saved his day before Huang Yi guest Beijing TV" Fuxiu "seedlings two times, for the first time talking about their divorce. In this program, she accepted the guests Tucao said she saw the man’s poor vision. She said that she had been betrayed in love, so do not want to fall in love, just want to get married, but did not expect to encounter two failed marriage. During that time he had depression, afraid to go out, feel his life completely finished, but the existence of her daughter to save themselves. Before the two divorce, Huang Yi is in the minds of the lively and clever Li Yuhu, the first time when the heroine became famous for the first world war. But after two divorces, and the two event developments seem to be some idea, let the body in the event center Huang Yi became a controversial figure. When it comes to the first marriage, Huang Yi said: "20 years old began to yearn for the family, in love has gone through the betrayal, after the experience did not want to fall in love, just want to get married, in a hurry to get married, but also a hasty divorce. I rarely fail, I do not want to have the feeling of frustration, lovelorn feeling, no courage to face anyone." Then Huang Yiye talked about her second marriage, and ended in divorce. 2013 Huang Yiyu in the United States produced a female, in the year of 2014, issued a long micro-blog denounced the derailment of the, and then filed for divorce, Huang Yi, Huang Yiqing. This is a protracted war of words. Huang Yicheng: "I went through a series of events in my life that year. Is very painful. All the sound, the sound on the network is attacking me. I don’t dare to go out, I’m afraid of being spit out. At that time (really) depression. I don’t want to say anything, I feel like I’ve lost everything. I was completely finished." (Wen Lu, Li Yan: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: