Hubei 3 men fled after the robbery and murder 13 years after the arrest claiming amnesia Three Gorges evening news reporter Huang Qiang correspondent Chen Yajun 13 years ago, Songzi City, 3 men flee into the city of Yidu Branch Town, the two FA langnv brutally killed, just grab 20 yuan. Subsequently, the two assailant has been arrested, was sentenced to life imprisonment and death, but also a murderer has disappeared. The middle of last month, this name has disappeared 13 years as a fugitive in Guangzhou suddenly exposed whereabouts, Yidu local police chase after investigation, finally captured it in October 26th. After being arrested, the almost forget that they have killed the murderer even call too accident, against the police interrogation on the grounds. Reporters learned in Yidu on the 1 day, the man has confessed to murder robbery behavior, the case is still under intense interrogation. Cruel practices first kill and then rob back in January 3, 2003, a 37 year old female boss opened a salon shop in Yidu City Branch town and a 17 year old female hair does not think that their life will end in the evening that day was marked. Three Songzi Men Liu, Zhou and xiaomou on this day fled to Zhicheng, when they were 25 years old, 21 years old and 31 years old. They came to Zhicheng, the purpose is very clear — hair shop robbery. The new year is coming, every day, hang out together they decided to get some money, after several rounds of consultation, they think that women must have a lot of cash in hand salon. "Must kill, can not stay alive." The three men had agreed before the robbery. Because they have previously for theft, robbery and other crimes in prison, they were robbed of fear like FA langnv down after the alarm, so that they face jail. On the same day at 11 pm, Liu Mousan walked into the hair shop. One is that business to two women unprepared, while three is a recidivist carrying tool for robbery and kill. According to Liu and arrested after xiaomou account, three of them entered the hair shop after almost no dialogue and two women, waiting for them to give them a massage shampoo, they will cut them suddenly a knife poked in the ground after the movement seemed to hear three people guilty of hair salon, so hurry to find 20 pieces after the money quickly fled the scene. Soon after, nearby residents inadvertently found hair shop of the bloody scene rushed to the police. "Extremely cruel." Had participated in the detection of the case of a police said the two dead bodies in the more than and 20 knives, there are a number of fatal injuries on the body, died on the spot. Friends report surfaced cruel murderer killed two people, 3 murderers pick way path to escape, then on the road met a car driver soliciting open three numb. A few days later, when the driver know after a scare. After the incident, the police quickly started carpet investigation to find clues, the driver is asked one of the objects, he will be the 1 night encounter strange scene to say. That night, the driver is ready to drive home, suddenly 3 men with a Songzi accent to the car out from the roadside channeling, then 3 in the sparsely populated dark of the Original Song Yi small fire.相关的主题文章: