The Agricultural Development Bank branch in Hubei Province Department of loans of 2 billion 710 million support for poverty alleviation in Hubei channel, Wuhan 7 October, the Agricultural Development Bank Hubei Branch Sales Department in September 2016 to the Hubei provincial poverty alleviation and limited investment in the development of continuous release of the 2 batch to resettle special loans 2 billion 710 million yuan, can solve Qichun, Tongcheng, Hefeng, Jianshi, Badong, Zigui, five, Laifeng peak, Xingshan, Xiaochang, Yingshan, Dawu Baokang, Macheng, Luotian, Shenlongjia forest 16 impoverished counties synchronous relocation of farmers building and supporting infrastructure and public service facilities such as capital requirements, will help poor households filing riser 49638 households, population 148915 people to achieve poverty the relocation of poverty, for the province to resettle work smoothly provide continued strong agricultural policy financial support. This is the Department of the Hubei province poverty alleviation investment and Development Co., 21 billion 930 million yuan in April 20th this year by the head office for approval by the government to resettle subsidies for special loans 2 batches before delivery, the remaining loans will be required to gradually put in place. In recent years, the business department always keep in mind as the agricultural policy financial support of the main channel of Comrade Xi Jinping’s "agricultural development bank must, as a weak industry, the weak foundation of agriculture and rural policy protection", closely around the "three rural" key areas, key links and backward areas, increase credit, in poor areas in particular, the old revolutionary base areas, in accordance with the "five best service" requirements, selection of marketable credit products and special construction funds, enthusiastic service for the benefit of the project, and actively carry out infrastructure, poverty alleviation, industrial poverty, poverty alleviation, employment, poverty alleviation, tourism poverty alleviation photovoltaic. Since September 2015, the head office opened to resettle loan business, give full play to the Department of policy advantage, capital advantage and professional advantages, take the main force task in the precise poverty credit business in agricultural development, and actively promote to resettle government subsidies for special loan business. In December 24th last year, Hubei province poverty alleviation Investment Development Co., Ltd. was formally established and opened a basic account in the business department. In January 4th this year, the Ministry of Commerce in the country’s agricultural distribution system to absorb and allocate 9 billion 750 million yuan of special funds to help the poor, in April 20th, the province’s $21 billion 930 million to ease the relocation of special loans approved by the head office. In order to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of special loans for poverty alleviation and relocation, the business department to Hubei province to resettle the leading group recommended to carry out the pilot work of povertyalleviation financing in the province part of the poor county, and in the recommended time after the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial poverty alleviation investment development limited company in impoverished areas of Qichun County, Tongcheng County, Hefeng province Jianshi County, the county to carry out pilot work of financing. In September 9th, the Department of Hubei province to poverty alleviation investment development limited company issued the first to resettle special loans for 720 million yuan; September 30th, issued second batches to resettle special loans 1 billion 990 million yuan, the two batch of a total of 2 billion 710 million yuan of loans, loans for the province to resettle the full implementation of the project opened up the situation. It is understood that, in order to ensure the smooth progress of poverty alleviation, the Ministry of Commerce in the agricultural development in Hubei Province相关的主题文章: