"I am not Pan Jinlian": a unique picture attracted foreign media entertainment Sohu poles reputation – "I am not Pan Jinlian" the official poster movie premiere in Toronto, directed by Feng Xiaogang and starring Fan Bingbing, Mirs, Guo Tao debut HD Photo] [Click to enter the entertainment Sohu (compilation head) shown at the Toronto Film Festival, new director Feng Xiaogang Fan Bingbing’s subversive "I am not Pan Jinlian" before the English translation for "I’m not Mrs Bovary ‘satirical comedy, sparked media attention. The biggest highlight of the film, in addition to the topic of fan ye turned a tendon and countrywoman, Feng Xiaogang reflected daredevil circular frame. For this film, "Hollywood reporter", "variety" and other mainstream media have given mixed reviews with critics. "Daily screen", praised the film as "a successful aesthetic experiment: the film is reminiscent of" the scarlet letter ", and" keystone Kops "(1914-1920 by the American film company and stone shot often appeared in a silent comedy team stupid and incompetent police) taste, but also a combination of the minimalist landscape elements, the extent of the plot twists and turns like Thomas Hardy’s novels. The Fan Bingbing show the bright spots, she played the heroine Li Xuelian than "the story of Qiu Ju" in Gong Li ifheavier, undivided attention to make all against her bureaucratic embarrassment. Although it is a satire of the Chinese politics and the concept of sex, "I am not Pan Jinlian" has an elegant picture, is a successful aesthetic experiment. It’s like a magnifying glass, a circular screen that works wonders, focusing the attention of the audience on the behavior and situation of the characters, just like a painting (implying that corruption is as ingrained as art). Feng Xiaogang gave up the widescreen picture, but expanded the mainstream film China political lexicon. The China bureaucratic satire for non Chinese audience may be somewhat obscure, but by social injustice to the woman "this theme is of universal value, due to cultural differences in style and plot the foreign audience a sudden turn for the worse, often in the Chinese audience burst out laughing without get to bursting point. The circular frame cited foreign media hot in the view of "variety" movie critic, film well unified form and content to satirical fables effect: "I am not Pan Jinlian" from the transition to limited circular screen shots in the final widescreen, subtly suggesting the heroine "ants into an elephant" that will be a long string of anecdotes like fragments, combined into almost epic narrative. The whole film for long, low-key, fascinating, and light feeling, although Feng Xiaogang used unconventional picture, describing the protagonist in the experience of the scene of the Beijing round, square, some people feel uncomfortable, but this approach does give the story more fable qualities, and circular and square just with traditional painting Chinese format. In the film, the small village of Li Xuelian release enormous energy amazing, with his paranoid tough for a bunch of people was trembling. Actor Fan Bingbing and the director put the whole story in a farce.相关的主题文章: