I am in New Zealand Consulate sent helicopter rescue earthquake China tourists – Sohu news 14 pm local time at about 4 in the first batch of stranded Chinese Kay Kula area on the Consulate General of the rescue helicopter (source: New Zealand Herald Chinese network people.com.cn in New Zealand on 14 November, West Church Kray (Sheng Chuyi) 14 am local time, 7.5 the central region of the South Island of New Zealand earthquake. A series of strong aftershocks, hundreds of tourists stranded Chinese hit Kai ikura Town, Chinese in Christchurch consulate sent a helicopter to rescue, as of now has shifted 12 China tourists. People.com.cn reporter connect the first time Chinese in Christchurch, Consul General Kim Ji jian. Jin Zhijian said, according to the consulate to grasp the information, there is a Chinese citizen suffered minor injuries in the earthquake, there is no harm, no special treatment is very stable. Kay ikura in very serious disaster, leading to the road interrupted, so the consulate has leased 3 helicopters to the rescue. There are thousands of foreign tourists trapped, including nearly one hundred Chinese tourists. Due to the limited capacity of helicopters, has now transferred 12 tourists, rescue work is still underway. Jin Zhijian also said that the Consulate General is now one hundred Chinese tourists together to provide them with drinking water and food, to stabilize the mood of everyone. Chinese in New Zealand Consulate in New Zealand to Chinese visitors, students, staff funded enterprises, access to short-term business personnel and the majority of overseas Chinese to express the sympathy, also reminded the guard in the new China to citizens, pay close attention to the relevant public information for earthquake prediction. According to the New Zealand Herald Chinese network reported that the earthquake in Oakland, Wellington, New Zealand in Christchurch, Nelson around the residents felt clearly felt. At present, 2 people have died, of which 1 people died of heart disease.相关的主题文章: