I don’t want to poser, this template lets you how lazy are not dirty! Each month, there are always a few days do not want to dress up, so don’t wear what are not sloppy fashion template? 1 coat + Sunglasses autumn, don’t know what to wear when the coat is never wrong. The simplest is to take the basic color collocation, can not wear ugly, then wear a pair of sunglasses, immediately full gas field. Of course, the need to open a few pieces of clothing to take a single product, and then lazy point is directly tied to buckle, tie a good belt, when the dress to wear. This guarantee will not make mistakes, but also very chic, there are lingering charm! 2 + skirt collocation Hoody Hoodie and Sport skirt is a skirt used to mix group, poser, sports sweater for comfortable lazy, collocation and van together lazy. Of course, the daily collocation must not wear short boots or shoes, just kicking a pair of sports shoes is enough a lazy fashion. 3 jacket + pants collocation jacket and pants are very sketchy, trousers and blouse has maintained a perfect proportion, two piece collocation stronger sense of hierarchy, the upper body effect is more wonderful. Of course, it is important that this group is indeed very comfortable with both warm and flexible, how to wear light and natural. 4 baseball cap + Jumpsuit in addition to the collocation form of lazy outfit, Siamese pants so "cheat" is a type of single product is very easy. If you are afraid of being mistaken for manual workers, with a baseball cap, it is more handsome fashion! Oh, in addition to help a front, a baseball cap can also be used to adjust the hair, do not wash your hair, hair never mind, wearing a hat is good!相关的主题文章: