If your child is not reading, is the potential difference! Sohu – maternal well-known educator and mathematician Su Buqing served as president of Fudan University said, if the Fudan University can separate admissions, he suggested that the first exam exam Chinese, finished immediately examination papers. Chinese students do not have to pass the exam. Su Buqing believes that Chinese students are not, it is difficult to learn other. Learning Chinese is the basis for learning other subjects, the importance of doubt. We are the children because the Chinese did not learn, the understanding of the term is not in place, once made a lot of jokes, the following, I believe many people have seen the title: "one after another". Little friends: home, Dad continued to go home. Teacher: how many fathers do you have? Title: children with "thriving" sentence: my brother was thriving. Teacher: this word can’t be used to describe people. Title: children with sentences in which ": one of my left foot hurt. Teacher: are you a centipede? See the children make these sentences in addition to joke, laugh, your heart is also our children have a little worried? The United States has found that in the past ten years, the world’s children’s intelligence dropped by 10%, because the child less imagination. Because of the development of science and technology, a variety of multimedia and electronic devices emerge one after another, wonderful picture, the media instead of everything, affecting the development of children’s imagination. So, how to do? By the child to read their own. This matter is very important! Last weekend, my friends and I Feifei mom kids to go to the movies. After reading it, only the second grade primary school. Even the movie content from A to Z complete repeat, fluent expression is clear, clear logic. After I expressed their surprise, Fifi mother told me, Fifi was very love reading, learning achievement is also very good, basically do not have to worry about my parents. Research shows that if children love reading, his vocabulary than children of the same age a lot in the expression of one thing when the word is more accurate, the ability to solve problems will be much better than the other children. The reason is very simple, is the language of thinking animal, a person’s language more clearly, his thinking is clear, and the reading habits of people in the analysis of the problem, stating problem and learning knowledge, have more advantages than people not love reading. Children who enjoy reading will be more efficient. Therefore, parents should cultivate children’s good reading habits from childhood, especially 6-12 year old primary school children, to meet the growing demand of the brain, in addition to the classic masterpiece should also be read at all times and in all countries, a wide range of encyclopedic books, such as astronomy, geography, history, knowledge and so on, eventually forming a strong development ability, lay a solid the basis for the future of the child. A child who has never read a good book, and never even read it outside the classroom, then the child’s talent will be killed a lot of talent, and his way of life will be.相关的主题文章: