Near the U.S. Embassy found IEDs – International – original title: near the U.S. Embassy found Xinhua ied Manila on 28 November, (reporter Dong Chengwen Jimmy Wang) Philippines police confirmed on the 28 day in the morning, in the vicinity of the U. S. Embassy in Philippines found an improvised explosive device. Currently, the explosive device has been detonated security police, no casualties. Philippines police received a warning that morning, the U.S. Embassy in the vicinity of the Philippine suspected explosives. Police immediately blocked the road in front of the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines, and detonated the explosive device safety. Closed roads have been reopened. Philippines’s national police chief Ronald de la Rosa?? said at a news conference, an explosive device hidden in a rubbish bin near the embassy. Found that the design of explosive devices and explosion in Davao City in September this year in the case of a similar bomb. In September of this year occurred in the southern city of Davao bombings caused 14 deaths, 70 people were injured. Philippine police announced that the explosion of the Philippine extremist organization "mauth organization plan and arrested several suspects. Mao is a special organization in southern Mindanao activities of the rebels, the Philippine military had found the extremist organization Islamic state flag in the crossfire, suspected that the organization has allegiance to the Islamic state". (Yan Meng, Bai Yu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: