In 2016 the National Trails League in Xinyang Xinxian County sports Sohu – passion run the morning of November 6th, CO sponsored by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, Henan Province Sports Bureau, Xinyang Municipal People’s government, the Xinxian County people’s government and the Xinyang Municipal Sports Bureau of the 2016 national mountaineering fitness trail League in Xinyang Xinxian County passion run. It is reported that, as an important part of Chinese mountain outdoor super league matches of the tournament, was first held in Henan National Trails league. The morning of the 9, with the national, provincial and municipal and county leaders sounded the starting gun, racing group, team relay group, the trail group, Master family group, foot fitness group of 5 groups, a total of more than 3600 athletes and fitness enthusiasts are climbing beyond the starting line, opened the prelude to the game is. All the players from the hiking trail west entrance Jinlanshan Street office Nguyen Wan village of ·, along the Dabie Mountains; Xinxian County National Trails line of fierce competition. Different groups of players were different among them, racing schedule, 23 km, 20 km relay team group, the trail group, Master family group and fitness group are 5.8 kilometers on foot. In order to enhance the attractiveness of the event, the tournament will be closely integrated with the fun of the game, the five groups have focused on each game. Racing group and team relay teams will compete in the climbing speed, to show the unique charm of competitive sports; trail group set Master wearing red uniforms and other series of shooting fun games and pictures sent circle of friends task during the race, and in the online Master trail held simultaneously selected activities, enlarge the radiation effect by events the Internet, the promotion of the Xinxian County quality tourism resources; family group by completing the task force through parent-child family, let the family relationships in the game. As Henan’s first national trails, the country’s first wisdom trail, the Dabie Mountains · Xinxian County national trails around the Dabie Mountain, unlimited scenery in the Jianghuai "positioning theme, to" Five "Three District line for the skeleton, rich green and red historical and humanistic landscape resources based on the planning and design elements, through the line, multi line with formation of linear, ring, mesh and other forms of the 500 km large fitness trail system. At the same time the wisdom of philosophy into the trail construction, to achieve global trail WiFi coverage. The trail project commenced in May this year, the East and west two line length of 130 km. From the March national mountaineering Fitness Conference, July Henan province Orienteering Championships, to the National Trails League, and soon to be held this month 26, 2016 "Chinese 100" Xinxian County challenge, this year, a series of major national sports events and the old Xinxian County took the indissoluble bound. As a famous national, Henan province only general county, Xinxian County has the birth of the Red Army, twenty-five Red Army and red twenty-eight army as the main force of the Red Army, more out of the Xu Shiyou, Li Desheng, Zheng Weishan and other 43 Republic founding generals and more than 50 provincial and ministerial level leading cadres, known as the "cradle of the Red Army, general hometown. At the same time, as the national ecological county and national ecological.相关的主题文章: