In Japan the giant panda "Liang Bang" the birth of a baby pandas – Beijing, "Liang Bang" and the giant panda cub Zhongxin photo Beijing, September 18 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Anyuan) Japan white and Wakayama County Zoo local time 1:12 on September 18, 2016 Panda "Liang Bang produced a big success baby panda, birth weight of 197 grams, the mother and child. According to the Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding to the staff, the giant panda "Liang Bang" in August 22, 2016 began to significantly increase the sleep time, daily stool quantity and behavior are changed accordingly, on September 18th at 1:12 in the morning from the broken broken amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid production, a very short time. There have been four times of experience in the production of the giant panda "Liang Bang" motherhood is very strong, born immediately after the cubs will be skilled in the bosom, to appease the licking. It is reported that the giant panda "Liang Bang" was born at the zoo in September 6, 2000, and has been a happy and healthy life in Japan, in September 2008 13, under the "Yong Bang" and "Mei Bang" (2013, returning) on 11 August 2010, "Yang Bang" and "Beach", born 10 August 2012 "and bang, born 2 December 2014 under the" Tao Bang Bang "and" sakura". (end)相关的主题文章: