In reality, he tries to become a prince… Ming then no overbearing president! A few days ago, the streets of Lijiang are packed containment, because the two person body appeared! Yes, is Cyndi Wang and Ming, see these photos, instant tears ran a wood there ah! "Heaven’s wedding" in Tao Aiqing and Cheng Hainuo finally with the box! Not mistaken, "Heaven’s wedding gown" has been 12 years, but two people again, CP is so strong. When carrying the baby Heino locomotive, and stood beside him. When Tao Aiqing was at a loss, he would look for someone who was sitting around her. Here, many 00 is still in the face Meng force, do not know who is like a sister Ming, but I believe (micro signal: entifengvip) as 90, 80 have had a crush on him, to say that the Taiwan idol drama actor he is contracted, absolutely not too much. That year, the prince into a frog, "love magic hair division" "Sakura wild 3 plus 1", are the prime time of the screen TV drama. How many innocent girls, because these TV shows delayed the test Tsinghua University Peking university! In the play, as a small meat acting Ming gang gang! Especially his overbearing president, who had not drunk under his black trousers! Now. Although there has been little in dramas, and was also slightly overweight, but in my little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) in the heart, he China idol long road of development, but the milepost type benchmark! The president handed the first person, the 100 first street left acting meat on the photos let you feel what is really overbearing president, why ten years now looks so nice movie! When the security guard, the eyes are very! When the orbital ultra deep meditation, a slight frown, it seems that the whole world in his hands. Depressed when I drink feet on the table, a hand grabbed the sofa, a hand holding the cup, each frame out screenshots reveal deep hormone. The girl is not good, and she threw her into bed. The president handed kissing, but also so input, Xiaomei (micro signal: entifengvip) while reading this section of the cheeks flushed, and the others fight, super man super fierce eyes! At that time my sister (micro signal: entifengvip) just think it will not have such a man as my head. The president handed out ~ ~ of course, the standard is also essential! Car + welcome team, get off to a foot is absolutely close-up, such circumstances there are many in the idol drama, let’s look at the present version, almost two meters field action smooth and clean, five! Look at Roy Chiu Tse, said many are nonsense, their comparison ~ look at the road wearing sunglasses what feel, this is the real president handed ah! As for Show Luo… Well, of course, very cute ~, overbearing president and leader of the cold light field is not enough, the lines are also important part to control ~ this is typical of the overbearing president should. "The crucial moment: don’t give up, it will become desperate hope." This kind of ~相关的主题文章: