In the second quarter? "OVERLORD" will be a collection of articles theater version of the previous Penguin Niang once as we reported before "OVERLORD" would be a major news release. Today (September 29th), a major collection of articles published is the official confirmation of the theatrical production planning is already underway. "OVERLORD" is mainly about one day a once hit "VRMMORPG YGGDRASIL" that will stop all services, but even after the end of time, there is no game player out of the game, NPC also have their own ideas. In the real world like video game hero SUZUKI (real name system) waiting to forced logout and "security in · ur · Gong" guild members accidentally crossing into another world, and he becomes the strongest magician with skull appearance — "flying rats". In this way, the true Fantasy Legend officially opened the curtain. Although fans speculation may be making news will be the second season, but finally turned out to be a collection of articles the theatrical production message can not help but make a lot of fans are very disappointed. Many users have said that although the second quarter temporarily hopeless, but still I hope can as soon as possible in the second season after the collection of articles. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: