Department of health and wealth: Yellen and his terrorist data on the market will Zaixianbolan hot column capital flows thousands of thousand comment stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! EUR: basic analysis: Friday (October 14th) Asian city in early trading, the euro is hovering near 1.1045 levels. The previous day, the U.S. dollar against major currencies fell, reversing the recent rally. The EURUSD fell below 1.1000, 7 for the first time since the end of the month, but the dollar fell to 1.0982 after the rebound, after the disruption in the 1.1100 line, but maintained the overall decline. Thursday (October 13th) macroeconomic data is relatively light, the German inflation data in September in line with expectations and the previous value. In September CPI rose 0.1% monthly rate rose by 0.7% per annum. The United States in October 8th when the week jobless claims recorded in 246 thousand, unchanged from last week, close to 1973 11 recorded dozens of year low of 244 thousand, suggesting that the job market is still strong. In addition, the Philadelphia Fed President Haq supported the end of Shengxi, depressing the dollar. Key points: retail sales in the United States, Yellen spoke of the trading day 20:30 Beijing time, the United States will be announced in September retail sales, the market is expected to rise by 0.6% monthly rate, the former value decreased by 0.3%, the expected core rose 0.4% monthly rate, the former value decreased by 0.1%. The performance of the data usually has a significant impact on the market. In addition, Beijing time at 01:30 on Saturday morning, Yellen will deliver a speech at a meeting of the Federal Reserve in Boston. Whether Yellen will talk about the market will depend on whether or not he talks about monetary policy. If nothing else, you can pay attention to. Operation strategy: today from the daily chart, yesterday the dollar rebounded significantly, the formation of Yin Yang package K-line combination bottom signal, so investors can Qingcang days to do more, reach near 1.1030, stop 1.0980, near 1.1100 above the target. International gold dollar: fundamentals analysis: Friday (October 14th) International Spot gold futures rebounded slightly in early trading, currently trading at $1258 ounce line. International spot gold on Thursday (October 13th) rose slightly, the United States, the highest intraday probe to $1261.78 an ounce, but the rally is still unstable, overall is still in office. However, in the early days of the United States announced last week that the number of jobless claims is better than expected, to maintain a 43 year low for the fed to raise interest rates in December to provide support. Gold rose and fell kinetic energy are insufficient, the market is waiting for new impetus. The gold market is still facing great risk, the gold market is still a multi bin Kongpan, but is expected to change, will lead to more selling positions, gold could again avalanche fell. Due to poor trading data in China triggered a sell-off in global stock markets, hedge sentiment led to the rise of gold. The current price of gold is still in the form of consolidation相关的主题文章: