Interest class is "treasure" or "demon"? Look at how you treat it – Sohu maternal and child to four or five years old, interest classes will be included in the scope of a lot of parents. Music, dance, taekwondo, foreign teachers english…… A lot of choices, difficult choices, some children seven days a week schedule was full to the brim, even home bags are all ready for the seven day, carrying a different class. Of course, there are also parents hold different views, that is to China class education candidate selection and breeding out of the "monster", a lot of time and effort and their parents a lot of money in interest classes, depriving children of the happy childhood play. Some people sigh: "when can Chinese children like foreign children, not all kinds of interest classes and cram school?" In the end how to treat interest classes? Let’s talk about this topic today. First talk about the first question: foreign children do not interest classes? Some media reports said that foreign primary and secondary school work less, three in the afternoon after school, the children how happy. Implication, only Chinese parents to let children on such a class. Is this really the case? In Japan, the children after school every day, a lot of time in school to participate in community activities – this is actually a course of interest. In the United States, not only after-school special training is extremely rich, but also good at the national rankings, tennis, swimming, piano…… The better the more private schools pay more attention to the development of children’s expertise, the better the more like the college recruit children with expertise. In Europe, children do not learn music art or any other kind of art or sports interest, almost heterogeneous. Well, in fact, is a sentence: most of the foreign children are not silly to grow up. Objectively speaking, so that the child’s interest in the class is to stifle the child’s nature, so that children do not interest class is to let nature take its course — these two views are too extreme. However, in a family, if the rich and colorful extracurricular activities into children, family constantly on the run interest class, it must be their parents and choose a problem. These recommendations on the interest of the class may be able to help you. The children, on the interest class, "all the way" the chosen children interest class, fun is the most important. Close enough to leave home, do not spend a lot of time in the journey back and forth, it will not change the daily habits and habits of life, it is easier for them to feel the fun of learning fun. However, many parents because of the teacher’s reputation and other reasons, to give the child to choose the class distance. For example, the four year old little girl to learn the piano, because her mother has a friend is a teacher at Central Conservatory of Music, so I asked the friend to teach niuniu. But the teacher lives in the Renaissance door, Niuniu home in Chaoyang District, each class, one-way traffic jam is not more than an hour, in case of traffic jams, it is not a little. Niuniu often fell asleep on the way to school, when the class, often in a bad mood, said he did not like the piano. Later, or at the suggestion of the teacher of Central Conservatory of Music, the mother changed to another girl near the teacher. Although fame is not so big,.相关的主题文章: