Interview: Miami Zhonghun Miami is always Wade’s interview with Haslem Allen: the city of Miami is always kind to everyone in the city of Wade Tencent in November 4th Toronto sports news (reporter Xu Shunzhi), the center of the visitors’ locker room, the door on the left and right sides are respectively provided with two exclusive seats. This is not usually the right hand side of his seat belongs to the absolute leader, guest team belongs to Lebron, belongs to Anthony, and Wade in the semi-finals last season. After a short period of four months, the heat to Air Canada center again, the seat has changed, not de Rakic, not the white side, sitting here is the Miami season only captain Haslem. Lebron in the miracle of Cleveland continues, Bosh retired wandering in the edge of the summer after losing Wade, with an averaged 16 minutes scored zero responsibility toward the 13 veteran play guide the team, this is also reflected from one side of Miami today’s decline — the big three total collapse, this once a championship ring of glory division, reduced to a position weaker civilian team. Ironically, Haslem didn’t get a chance to play tonight. The marginalization of team roles so big old, looking at the alliance which is only the wonders of miami. Today’s heat, facing a lack of leadership within the team situation. The white court ruling force field at taking amazing, is inadequate to lead the team; season of La Qisheng low-key introverted, not good at dressing room as the boss. For this summer in the face of the veteran other more lucrative contract option to renew, Spokane is showing the value of comment, "if we want to discuss the core value of Miami Miami is what time, we will give you one by one show, or give you a picture of Slem. He embodies all the characteristics and qualities we want for a Miami heat player, leadership, toughness, durability, stability and purity." These qualities, in today’s heat has been difficult to find. Despite being a team player in history in rebounds and more than and 2 players on the pitch, Haslem has become more and more small, but the heat is still willing to let it take only captain station last one post, it is hoped that he can in trouble leads the team advance. A lifetime to play in the NBA team, Wade Riley in the body for hard to realize, Haslem in the body. "Referring to southern Florida, I think of Haslem. In a sense, he’s the mayor. The community needs people like him, kids need a role model." This is Wade’s evaluation of Haslem. Now it sounds great account of the funeral feeling, without irony and tragic. Wade in the summer after the contract was announced that the voice of Haslem, continue to protect your city." Just like the three championship veteran said in an interview, what they have seen strong wind and big waves. He has been a team player and has had a playoff run, but this time, Wade and Bosh are not there to help him. The draft failed to become the team captain, Haslem with a tough, hardworking and willing to do the dirty work. The new season, he also used his experience to warn teammates,.相关的主题文章: