IS officials: Trump hatred let us better start Muslim – Sohu news that Hora Sani, Obama this "heresy" than trump much better, at least a little bit "head lamp". At the same time, he also revealed that IS executives have been paying attention to the U.S. election, they did not expect Trump’s election, and that the Americans chose Trump to dig their own graves". Finally, Hora Sani concluded that every American citizen to vote for Mr Trump means supporting anti Islam, and that every vote puts the US at risk. The Daily Mail reported on 14, although Taliban has not yet been officially elected on Trump’s comments, but unnamed Afghan Taliban senior official comments, Trump’s speech is absolute provocation to the Muslim community, the world’s "Jihad" can use Trump’s words as promotional materials, new recruits "Jihad" will no doubt become the big trouble in the United states. And for Taliban itself, Trump also gave Taliban a assists in the history of the longest war in the United States, Taliban is also an urgent need to supplement the loss of personnel. Review the words of Trump, one of his campaign slogan is "let the United States become safe again" and the so-called "safe" object is Muslim, Trump in his speech called for a moratorium on all Muslim immigration, until the United States can find a way to successfully distinguish between "extreme Islamists of the muslim". The New York Times reported earlier, Trump attacked Obama and Hilary even enemies cannot distinguish, even refused to use words "extreme Islamists", and even enemies do not know who is not qualified to lead the country. Now Trump has won, and he has made a promise to defeat the extremist Islamists as well as to win the cold war". But so far, Trump has not given his detailed roadmap. While IS is happy, the rest of the Islamic world is not so happy. According to the Daily Mail reported that the Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada? Al-sadr (Moqtada al-Sadr) believes that Trump doesn’t know the difference between "extremists" and the general "moderate Muslims", his extreme speech will only make more enemies.相关的主题文章: