It is said that here is Chengdu’s best to eat Roasted Whole Lamb!!! Excluded children – Sohu and Roasted Whole Lamb, only one, is half of the Tang Dynasty at the name miniko enjoy discount! Valid from November 10th to December 30th for a career: eat! Hobbies: eating! People feel that this is the first to the seasonal variation of the far filled stomach wind blows stomach more open, need to add energy all the time? Even if the head at night to eat a bowl of Steamed Rice, two green, three fried meat every day in the morning I feel could eat a roast! All! Sheep! Must be the kind of fertilizer to the flow of oil Bleater (?? stars eyes out at ~ hungry!! In front of Lushan International found a Mongolia cavalry camp without the javelin, but now singing, now dancing is very lively, a symbol of war in ancient China, is said to have… There… There… Yes! Roast! All! Sheep! Kidney?! Roasted Whole Lamb! Quick! Please (chi) chi (Huo) who rolled up sleeves! Empty stomach! With me, a (chi) on the (Kao) (Quan) (Yang) was this Mongolia big boss is authentic Mongolian, characteristic is to eat Roasted Whole Lamb and northwest cuisine, occupy the Lushan International area within 3000 meters of the area, up nine Mongolia bags, away from the bustle of the city, but not out of the city. It is a weekend to play small kingdoms. Mongolian people live in grassland, livestock for livelihood. Living a nomadic life by the water. Mongolia tie, a camp was born. Natural grass, bonfire central station, at 7:30 every day after the long Mongolia Matouqin, now singing, now dancing… A holiday in the grasslands of Mongolia feel. The original, from the Mongolia boss on the camp all the details of the restoration. Mongolia package sideboard, opposite the door, a portrait of Gen Gi Khan rolled Mongolia package all raw materials are from the local Inner Mongolia shipped to Chengdu, and specially invited local rolling Mongolia package teacher to camp, rolled with the traditional way, and the child is a traditional? Each package is between Mongolia various wood without nails, but with tendon knot. A water, but shrink more tightly between wood. People can not help but sigh the wisdom of the ancients! "Gen Gi Khan is the seat of the main seat long become Mongolia’s largest package can accommodate 50-60 people are long outdoor stage performances, to eat mutton chops in Chengdu mainly in winter, it’s cold outside do not want, Mongolia turned into a bag, the charcoal stove in the room, quietly burning charcoal to hot fruit, which gathered the whole. Space fried chicken keeping warm, the people will turn off the crisp hu. If this time to some good wine and meat to entertain, perfect is simply an uppercase! Mongolia big boss is get to miniko, and uphold the principle of "sheep manure can eat straight to eat, but also eat the sheep Roasted Whole Lamb" chowhound essence! Hey soon give us meat served up wine. Neat and quick, this is a table full of tea, haggis, hand grilled meat, acid…… It is dazzling, but most people Xinzui drool with envy, is the whole point of roast相关的主题文章: