It is time for a new show "5"! BMW sees the new 5 series was launched a new "5" for the! As you can see, 5, has been unveiled. Living in the new G30 M550i parking lot was captured this is faster than the current M5 5 series! BMW’s M-Performance family growing stronger this is to challenge the meaning of M-Car? Although the car was covered by mark, also do not have a M wheel but riders can still recognize, this is M550i! Before the eyes of BMW new 5 Series release early in the new 5 series, BMW engage in a campaign on facebook. 5 tweets a day, one by one to reveal the core product force. The following 5 contents: 1 to maintain the internet. Given the official video, the most impressive is: Uncle Wang got off and found that the artist is painting next to. I want to appreciate the process, but the next door aunt Lee called him to repair the computer. This time, he opened the BMW app, "God perspective" to observe the vehicle around, by the way that the painting is completed. 2 lead advanced technology. In the video, a new BMW 5 series is driving on the road, and when the driver opens the driver assistance, the vehicle can travel on their own, but requires the driver to take over the road at any time. Following a line of small print: the system only provides driver assistance under certain conditions, the driver should be ready to respond. According to official information, the steering and Lane Assist system can operate at speeds up to 210 km per hour. 3 provide strong control. BMW uses a video shot in the curve to show the handling of the vehicle. The new 5 series chassis uses a new shock absorption technology and lightweight braking system to ensure excellent dynamic performance. 4 delicate interior. BMW says: whenever and wherever you are, you can be confident with the new 5 series. BMW Project Manager Wolfgang Hacker said: "the development of this generation of models, we strive to do every detail better. From our perspective, all the local car went up, there is no place marking time (I: Mercedes Benz E class to you to join rebels?). Every line, every point has been re discussed. This is what we do every day for the past 4 years, iDrive system with a piece of 10.25 inches in the control display, a touch function, but also the use of voice, gestures. This system is now on the new 7 series is equipped with. Due to the use of insulation materials, the new 5 series more quiet than cash. In addition, consumers optional 14 speaker Harmon audio Kardon, up to 600 watts of power. If you still feel not enough, 1400 watt Bowers & Wilkins audio waiting for you, a total of 16 speakers. 5 business elite. In appearance, the new BMW 5 series and 7 series use the same platform, but the lack of the long-awaited carbon fiber core (for 5, too expensive). Body light 70 kg, and more high strength steel, aluminum magnesium material, lighter brake treasure相关的主题文章: