Jackie Chan generals "Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award", but he asked him to the… Jackie Chan ifeng.com entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, in the upcoming "Lifetime Achievement Award" winners on the podium of the identity of Oscar Jackie Chan, this is still a few days for the film was, the day before he appeared in the film "blood" filming machine, was produced "Oscar held a farewell party" work more photographed Jackie Chan surprised a moment, in the video, Jackie Chan unknowingly was brought into the party scene, saw his video shot from the 50 years of the work involved in the wall, he watched said: "what is this?" Only later broadcast for half a century, thank you "words, the scene burst into warm applause than cheers, was moved to the scene was a bit emotional Jackie Chan said:" I really don’t know there are so many people ready to surprise me, said this is of great significance to me, really touched on the point of tears, I feel is not easy, it is a wonderful, thank you." After the celebration scene the film actor Show Luo (pig) and Ouyang Nana launched with Oscar Oscar other cake, made Jackie Chan more excited, funny pig said: "I do not have what special requirements, is the hope that the big brother in the sense of Oscar published the award-winning language to say:" I love Show Luo "on it!" Very funny.相关的主题文章: