Japanese police mistakenly arrested two Chinese closed for 100 days and finally to personally apologize – Sohu News International Online Zhuangao: according to Japan’s NHK news network reported that in November 25, 2016, two China (a 47 year old man, a 39 year old) accompanied by a lawyer to the eight Prince of Tokyo city police department. They were arrested, detained and even prosecuted for 2 days in March, and had been in jail for nearly 100 days. Until last week, they finally waited until the Japanese police department’s apology. Two years ago, what happened, let them unjustly detained? Two Chinese man suffered unexpected trouble "in January 22, 2014, two more than and 40 year old Japanese man in the eight Prince City downtown streets are speaking in a foreign language than men wounded, then two people in the hospital for the treatment of 2 weeks to 1 months. In March 2016, the Japanese police department eight Prince city police station will be 2 Chinese men as suspects arrested two people, but denied the suspects said: "he was not at the scene". April, Tokyo local inspector Tachikawa Be or two people were prosecuted. Japanese police department police station in the eight Prince City trial, one of the police evidence is witnessed by taxi intelligence that prisoners escape, but defense lawyers found the tachograph in the taxi on the captured 3 other men. July 5th, two Chinese men were released on bail. In July 21st, the withdrawal of the procuratorate. A 39 – year – old Chinese man took up legal arms to protect himself after the release of a claim by the illegal arrest of the two parties. In September 1, 2016, the media have reported that the man with the investigation organ without sufficient evidence, there is a serious fault, long-term illegal detention to bring their own great spiritual suffering and economic loss "on the grounds, to the Tokyo District Court proposed detention branch Tachikawa (98 days) a total of 1 million 220 thousand yen (about 75 thousand yuan) of the criminal compensation demands. A 47 year old man was detained for 113 days, a 39 year old man was detained for 98 days in September 30th, the District Court of Tokyo Municipal Branch verdict, according to the requirements of national men’s requirements, full compensation. It was reported that another 47 year old Chinese man will also appeal to the same compensation requirements, he was detained for a longer period of time, for a period of 113 days. Small knowledge: Japan’s "criminal compensation law" is a pointer to determine innocence or revocation of prosecution, detention according to the length of time, the national payment limit for every 12 thousand and 500 yen (about 770 yuan) in compensation system. The Japanese police arrest a public apology on November 25th, two men in China accompanied by lawyers under Joe Yun Niu Tian, the prince came to the eight city police department. 47 year old man and a man of the age of 39, accompanied by a lawyer, came to the prince of the City Police Department of the city of. Yamaguchi Kiko, the director, said: "it will not be the two arrest of the prisoners. We sincerely feel sorry." Misaki Sato Masahito, deputy director of the police department of senior cadres, also at the scene, the whole meeting lasted 1 hours and 20 minutes, the minutes. In addition to apologizing,)相关的主题文章: