Jay Chou as the "most creative consultant" fans "collective brain burn – Sohu entertainment Jay Chou, No. 11, early in the morning, Jay Chou MRJ official micro-blog released a" secret "about the identity of the Zhou Dongxin score, causing fans to open the collective Holmes burn brain detective mode, to break the score, first to understand music. But the key is the birthday of Jay Chou digital, less effective information, this is also regarded as a fan of" burning brain large ", many fans have even said:" regret not to learn music… IQ delinquent, but there is still a lot of fans through a series of clues to the identity of the new Jay Chou Aishang strongest creative consultant – "hidden tablature the". Jay Chou’s new identity cited fans collective burn brain and what is the new identity of Jay Chou? By the day of the "high IQ brain burn after 21 PM or so, the official micro-blog MRJ officially announced the answer:" Jay Chou as the strongest love media creative consultant ", and with a picture of Jay Chou wearing a new identity" most creative consultant "and customized creative T?. This is the original music Jay Chou different songs piano fragments, each fragment only by the bomb after we know the notes behind the music the lyrics of the corresponding text, through the translation of the lyrics of music is not enough, at the end of each line of music lyrics text, Jay Chou also need to identify the corresponding birthday number 19790118 syllable lyrics text, just as the most creative consultant "8 words together down overall. This is the "burning brain creative" announced the new identity of Jay Chou as "the most powerful media: love, creative consultant for many fans have also said:" this is the most creative consultant Jay Chou was worthy of the name!". Jay Chou joined the fashion media as "most creative consultant" in the early August 29th, love has been low-key media issued a notice, the post intends to hire Jay Chou as "the strongest love media creative consultant", but this announcement was very low-key, just released by an ordinary resolution, so it was not to be we note that this is Jay Chou served as the first domestic television media listed company, is by far the largest coffee artist in film and television media company, it is rare and difficult, and job titles are quite in line with Jay Chou’s favorite "surface strongest personal style and" creative genius "identity. In the beginning, Jay Chou and Vincent Fang two Chinese music "King" character had to love friends identity jointly attended the media listed bell and celebration conference, and together for the love media staged a special "nunchaku" bell ceremony..相关的主题文章: