Jiangsu Xinghua middle school students composition didn’t write the topic the teacher comments in the second – Beijing burst foul language students write illegible, and do not have a problem, the teacher with a red pen give comments: "stay ×, write what ghost word! What about the subject?" Yesterday, the parents of Mr. Xu will include the teacher’s comments, including the composition, drying up to Taizhou’s largest portal website Thai boring network forum, questioning the quality of Chinese teachers. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed the students in the school, the school a responsible person said, the school has ordered the teacher closed the review and reflection. Yangzi Evening News reporter Wang Guozhu correspondent grand teacher of composition comment swearing Mr. Xu said in the post, his son in grade eight in Xinghua high school (second class) Gu Zhuang school. He usually comes home a few days because of his busy work. When he came home at noon that day, he found a piece of paper on his computer desk that had been torn from his work book. He picked up the piece of paper to see by rage. Originally, the paper is an essay written by children, because there is no problem, write the word is not neat, the teacher with a red pen to write in the comments at the end of the article: "stay ×, write what ghost word! What about the subject?" Xu speculated that the child should be to see the teacher’s comments unbearable humiliation, back home after it was torn from the composition of the book, so as not to be seen by other students joke. The post also uploaded this essay, including teacher comments. Mr. Xu said in the post: "children composition didn’t write the title, write not neat, as a teacher, you can criticize education, with such insulting words? This will bring great harm to the child’s heart! What is the education sector doing? Even with such a no quality of the teacher in the middle school teaching Gu zhuang! Such a lack of quality teachers can teach students?" The teacher has been suspended the reporter noted, make such comments in the teacher, Mr. Xu was the parents questioned at the same time, has also been a lot of netizens to denounce "". "Teachers should be teachers, students have fault, should not burst foul language." Some netizens say so. 4 pm yesterday, the reporter contacted the Xinghua Gu Zhuang high school principal room, a staff member said that the teacher is young, at present the school has been investigating the matter, school leaders are meeting to study. The reporter was informed that before the deadline, the "Xinghua school" on Tai Gu Zhuang "to reflect the Xinghua city site boring Gu Zhuang school teacher a reply" improper comments theme, in Thailand boring forum published the preliminary investigation and treatment results: "our investigation, True Parents reflect the situation. This morning, the school has ordered the teacher closed the review and reflection, the school has with the teachers and parents to communicate and sincere apology, the school will make further investigation on the incident, as the survey to make further treatment. At present the school normal classes, the class of Chinese teaching by school teacher Zhao Jun. Thanks for reminding. I will take this incident as a warning, to further strengthen the construction of virtue, good image of teachers." The school a person in charge told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, "No.相关的主题文章: