Jilin province Consumers Association filed the first consumer civil litigation cases – Beijing Xinhua News (reporter Zhou Liquan) Changchun November 1st sales of industrial salt fake edible salt, resulting in nearly 10 tons of industrial salt to the people table. Because sales do not meet the safety standards of food, Han, Wang and other 3 people were sued by the Consumer Association of Jilin province. November 1st, the case in Changchun City Intermediate People’s court hearing, which is the first case in Jilin province prosecutors to support the prosecution of civil public interest litigation. After investigation, from August 2014 onwards, Han and other 3 people in the seasoning line Changchun Guangfu Road City Wide City business, repeatedly selling fake edible salt 9.45 tons, police later in the warehouse and seized the same batch of selling fake edible salt 9.7 tons. In May this year, the defendant Han because sales do not meet food safety standards, Changchun city wide city by the people’s court sentenced to 1 years in prison and fined 25 thousand yuan; the defendant Wang and other two people were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years, and fined 10 thousand yuan. Fake edible salt sales do not meet national standards, in violation of the relevant regulations, enough to cause serious food poisoning or other serious foodborne illness, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of people are not specific, it is the consumption of civil public interest litigation case scope. Changchun Municipal People’s Procuratorate of this case review, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "measures for the implementation of the pilot work of" people’s Procuratorate filed public interest litigation, prosecutors issued a recommendation to the Consumer Association of Jilin province in June this year, the case shall supervise the civil public interest litigation, Jilin Province Consumers Association expressly replies, agreed to bring a lawsuit to the Han and other 3 people the identity of the plaintiff. Jilin province Consumers Association believes that the accused of selling fake edible salt exists serious defect, endanger the personal safety of consumers, and the defendant does not explain to consumers, which infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are not specific, it requested the court to order the defendant in the provincial news media public apology. November 1st, the Changchun intermediate people’s court hearing the case. The presiding judge of the court verdict, requested the 3 defendants in this verdict within 10 days in the provincial news media public apology, the defendants said they did not appeal.相关的主题文章: