"Ju Yuan" descendants of Yang Fuxi bow at artisan – Beijing, China News Agency, Cangzhou, October 23: "Ju Yuan" descendants of Yang Fuxi bow Hao Ye Gao Hongchao "artisan author last early in the Qianlong period, my grandparents had made the Royal Royal bow." Speaking of poly yuan number of history, Yang Fuxi quite proud. The 58 year old Yang Fuxi is the "Ju Yuan" bow making technique of the tenth generation, and it is also one of the few who made China traditional archery craftsmen. The 22 day, Yang Fuxi with his favourite work, appeared in "Beijing Tianjin Hebei" traditional crafts and cultural creative products exhibition fairs. The gray beard, pulled high hair, a black costume, Yang Fuxi was sent through a SAGE-like type of temperament. On the "Ju Yuan" in the three hundred years of rise and fall, he was talking about. "The legend of Hou Yi shot nine Yao" arrow appears adds a bit of myth. In the time China bow is indeed very long. As early as 3000 years ago, the ancients will "shoot" included in the "Six Arts". As the ancient weapon in the cold of the most lethal weapons of traditional archery shoot far, is the ancients held "Archery" tool, a most important content is the military examination. "Ju Yuan" was the 17 Queen’s bow Chifeng shop of qing. However, with the introduction of modern firearms in the late Qing Dynasty, and gradually lost its dominant position in the use of weapons to shoot far, folk also declined. After the ups and downs, only "Ju Yuan" has a reservation. To Yang Fuxi’s regret, he failed to catch up with his business. Due to historical reasons, "Ju Yuan" bow production was at a standstill. After nearly 40 years of downturn, until the 90s of last century, Yang Fuxi decided to learn this skill from his father. Yang Fuxi recalled, "I was buried in the hut nest as a bow, bow and arrow in the end but No one shows any interest in the room." But the thought of ancestors hundreds of years of foundation may disappear, he insisted. A few years later, the turn came. Because of the "Ju Yuan" bow process and late spring and Autumn period, China Qi official book the handicraft literature the earliest "Zhou? Kao Gong Ji" recorded in exactly the same, the Chinese nation retains the most traditional process method, attracted college teachers and students dedicated to recording, the process of publicity. 2006, "Ju Yuan No. bow making skills" was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Poly number to reproduce the public vision, orders gradually more. The ancient "open arch such as the moon goes, arrows go like a meteor landing. If we swallow crossbow, fly over Dianchefengchi vector "of the poem, describe the bow shooting speed. But Yang Fuxi said, "Ju Yuan" making bows never pursue fast and accurate. "The traditional Chinese art of shooting is the pursuit of ‘shooting the road’, the so-called ‘shoot the way’, archery is the integrity and conscience." Yang Fuxi said, modern bows are mostly used for athletic competition, only the pursuit of the number of rings, and China traditional archery is a person’s character and conduct by archery, "shot to Guande" that is the case. Not only shoot)相关的主题文章: