"Just do it" after 95 full screen is leg meat Xie Binbin! 95 "fresh air" after Xie Binbin struck 95 after Xie Binbin broke Xie Binbin Sun Jian attributes stay adorable pink legs feeling overwhelmed Xie Binbin guards open hi spell structure model of Sina entertainment news by Hunan TV, hualubaina, blue flame jointly produced variety "come on, just do", will be officially landing in Hunan tv. Recently, officials exposed a group of rec photos, pictures of tall and handsome "95 young Xie Binbin", "Adorable" graceful bearing face, particularly eye-catching. This figure sparked heated debate on the network has also won the praise of users have points: Xie Binbin ‘stupid Meng’ expression is really cute, this is a minute to become a popular expression of the rhythm of the package!" In this "small fresh" era, the boys each one has his good points are playing their unique skills". Which has a 188CM height "leg tyrants players" Xie Binbin, in a number of "95 after the meat with a dazzling appearance and excellent talent shows itself. It is understood that he was a Hunan TV "Happy Boys" Hangzhou changou 14 contestants to sing good strength. Not only that, he is still a hard grinding acting "strength meat", once successively in "love", "Rock shuttle Millennium Magic Kingdom", and many other film and television drama for handsome natural, extremely youthful energy acting widely recognized. Since then, dare to try, he will step towards the arts, in Hunan satellite TV "full" in accelerating the perfect interpretation of the wisdom of "Bai Ze handsome Dr." in a corner of his meat looks mature temperament hidden in the program the other audience memorable. The "sense of the Xie Binbin once again to challenge a variety," come on, just do "fixed guests. From the perspective of a single program official, Xie Binbin, wearing a white head hair band pure white coat, a black shorts, casual in a somewhat more funny wind". Not only that, in the photo with "background" he sometimes sell adorable pout, and with a smile of sunshine, particularly eye-catching. Whether in the pool or in the sea, "wet" Xie Binbin complete set of image to ignore, the whole "no idol burden". In addition, the "three dimensional thinking" he also occasionally make some "off-line" actions, such as the sea "TLIDEA action", no "Introduction" open arms, "Adorable" big boy character doubt. But to say the most eye-catching picture in the picture frame, the same is Xie Binbin and Sun Jian [micro-blog], full screen "pink" makes people wonder that is full of "love" to help shoulder deliberately to boost the morale of his brother? Or in the brother relieve tired shoulders? "Hanging open," fresh air "on the line. Contracted a laugh point, MOE point Xie Binbin is about to open hi fight mode". Then, the six men of God who will dominate the assembly after the "dare king"? Six hot blooded male god, which is your love? Full of laughter point of the game, the game off the thinking, say more open, do more handsome! More exciting content to be announced to us!相关的主题文章: