Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Modular power supply units are .puter power supply units which can be modified by power connectors. This allows you to modify the power supply to suit your needs and the connectors can be changed depending on the amount of power needed or the type of connector the .puter .ponent needs. Modular power supplies have their benefit .pared to other power supply units. Since the cables are detachable, unused power connectors do not need to stay plugged in. This makes it much more practical and aesthetically pleasing since it reduces the clutter. Removable connectors also mean that you reduce the risk of damage to other .ponents, increase visibility of the .puter case, increase airflow inside the case as well as reduce costs. Some modular power supply cables can have a negative affect mainly by increasing electrical resistance between the power supply and hardware. This may in turn influence the performance of the power supply. When looking to purchase modular power supplies it is important to have an understanding how the device works and what features you require. Here are some features to look for before you choosing modular power supplies to ensure that you get a device which is high in quality as well as one that gives you value for your money. The modular power supply unit should have universal input voltage The power supply device should have built in parallel function on MS-300 as well as built in active PFC, PF>0.95 If you are unsure of how to chose the proper modular power supply unit the retailer from whom you wish to purchase the device should be able to advice you. The retailer should be able to provide you with answers to any general or technical queries you may have regarding modular power supplies as well as help you choose a device that is .patible with your .puter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: