Korean media: park or next reform of personnel to quell the cronies intervention – Sohu storm news Beijing in October 27, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean presidential Chong Wa Dae official said, Pu Jinhui is considered how to calm the politics behind the cronies dispute, the personnel adjustment is quick, is expected next week to finalize the specific. According to reports, South Korea’s ruling New World Party formally requested a comprehensive adjustment of personnel, Pu Jinhui has called the party "is considered", which is interpreted as the basic request of the personnel adjustment of Park Geun hye agreed reported that the president is expected, will replace 4 to 5 staff involved in Cui Shunshi storm or drag his cronies. As the director of the Secretariat of the office of President Li Yuanzhong and Chief Secretary in charge of civil affairs Bingyu yu. Recently, Pu Jinhui, Cui Shunshi cronies involved in corruption and backroom politics doubts continued to ferment in South korea. South Korea’s JTBC television reported that Cui Shunshi unauthorized review of the president’s speech. In this regard, park Geun hye 25 to apologize to the people. According to data released by the pollster Realmeter, Pu Jinhui’s approval rating fell to 26 in 17.5%.相关的主题文章: