Within a year the layout of two C new car Beijing modern channel sink strategy accelerated – Beijing, Beijing, September 7, from the new collar listed less than half a year’s time, Beijing once again made the modern C class car market, Verna brand under the new generation production car to accept the Chengdu auto show the official debut. So far, Beijing Hyundai has also completed a new round of strategic orientation of another important product layout. No reduction in the current SUV heat, car market sales growth in the overall decline in the background, modern Beijing has bucked the trend, successive force C class car market, a two C class car products in 2016. For millions of body mass has been reached, the ranks of the firm’s first camp fourth auto companies, what is the meaning of modern Beijing? Fine product layout difference advantage attack market, in fact, from the overall market environment, we are not difficult to answer. First, with the main consumer age decreased year by year, the demand for automotive products in the direction of personalized and diversified development. Second, facing a second tier city limit line, the purchase of the policy introduced, the new car market situation, reaching saturation of three to the six line of the city’s rapid economic development, urban market has gradually become a new growth point of sale. For this reason, if we want to be a breakthrough in the modern era of Beijing million, around the product refinement, channel sink sales channels, has become a priority. In the face of market focus to the town market transfer, Beijing Hyundai C car by actively adjust the product layout, continue to launch new products C level in line with the trend and fashion positioning, relying on differential positioning products between the seamless coverage of C class car market segments, will be transferred to the main position of new car sales in three to six line city. In the fine layout of the product, Beijing modern new product oriented, product first, the combination of the advantages of the strategy also officially started. First is the listing of the leading. As a new generation of intermediate car in modern Beijing, led since the listing date, the cumulative sales exceeded 70 thousand units, average monthly breaking effect million performance on the Beijing modern sales driving more obvious, C car differentiation new layout results, Beijing based modern reached annual sales targets laid a solid. Secondly, the first appearance of Wyatt production car. As a new generation of boutique car under the Verna brand, acceptable positioning in the above Rena C1-High level market, with made the new vitality of the exquisite car for the product positioning, introduced for 80, 90 young consumers, the new car will be officially published in October. With the introduction of Wyatt, Beijing Hyundai products in the field of C car also up to 4 models, relying on differentiated product positioning, respectively, their respective main market segments, to meet the diversified and personalized consumer demand. I believe that with the acceptance of the upcoming, Beijing Hyundai C car product layout will be further refined harvest results, once again expand the Beijing modern C class car market share, to help Beijing achieve a breakthrough after millions of modern times. The sinking of the channel construction deep market for development along with the implementation of new wire strategy, Beijing Hyundai also began to force the channel construction. In this regard, Beijing Hyundai down by sales focus,.相关的主题文章: