Lee Hom when dad is still a daughter named Wang Jiana child (Figure) – Beijing   Lee Hom micro-blog. In new network on 8 October, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, 40 year old Lee Hom and wife Lee 2013 Golden Melody King Liang Lei married, gave birth to a queen Carrie next year. The day before the couple announced pregnant with her second child, Lee Hom recently said the wife was stomach down, "said we are very close to the!" 7 at noon, Li Lianglei gave birth to a second child, sex has not previously exposed, most people guess the boy, but a healthy baby girl. Lee Hom earlier in the face book to share a family of three photos, and announced that the two daughters will be named "Wang Jiana", he said: "thank Jana baby, welcome to our lovely world. We feel the miracle of life again! Mother and daughter junan! Thanks to all friends, media friends and fans!" Attracted netizens have offered blessings. Marriage is a workaholic Lee Hom, married wife, daughter of love becomes a good father, recently launched the "firepower" concert film for him, with his wife for a second child, two months with empty paternity, and revealed that the idea was founded by Facebook people Zuckerberg got the idea?. He was so busy with his friends, "why can’t I do that?" Acer’s music staff he also enjoy two months of paid labor or paternity leave, from the management policy of the importance of family life.相关的主题文章: