Let visitors or to counsel to the embassy for help: the sick can plead the Sohu news on 4 November, xinhuanet.com Beijing, Australia New South Wales state police said 3 days, once in a Sydney park with two men urinating has returned to China, where an old man sued. On the same day to the NSW police China Consulate General in Sydney informed that the two men had been arrested, their charges are "aggressive behavior and resisting arrest, public defecation, aggressive behavior, public defecation". The police sent to Xinhua News Agency reporter in the mail, October 29th around 3:25 in the afternoon, patrol in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney police found two men (aged 41 and 66 years old) to urinate in a big tree. When the police came to inquiries, they tried to walk away. The old man and the police tear occurs, so the old man was charged with resisting arrest. Then a policeman put the old man on the ground and put on the handcuffs. According to the reporter’s understanding, in this process, the elderly should be accidentally injured, and was admitted to hospital for treatment. The old man was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital, the treatment of leg and shoulder injuries, "said the police in the mail. Reporters interviewed in the vicinity of the location of the operation of a domestic fast food car. Sales staff Hilda said: at that time, the duty of the colleagues really talked about this thing, involving two Chinese tourists. There are celebrations because of the incident, the scene is chaotic, there are a large number of vehicles and tourists." The Australian Chamber of Commerce Wenzhou reputation will Yangtze Lei told reporters, his understanding of the situation is: "someone old from Wenzhou to Australia in suburban, travel, tour, sudden urgency, unbearable. He was just in the solution, the police patrol encountered. In the exchange, the two sides language barrier. The police tried to pull the old, old man is aware of the pushing action, the police mistakenly thought the old man to resist, so the old man on the ground, in handcuffs. In the tear, the old man was injured. The police promptly sent the old man to a nearby hospital. After examination, there is no harm." In an interview with the elder Nino West once stayed with Novotel, another in this tour guide Jesse? Said Li, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney public toilet, "is a little farther, to inform tourists or take them in the past". "This kind of thing will never happen in my team," Li said. "When you take a visitor, you will be informed of the location of the toilet on the road…… This is also the basic responsibility of the tour guide." A source who declined to be named, told reporters that the elderly to participate in a tour of the local Chinese travel agencies in Sydney. The reporter to interview the travel agency, wants to know why the tour guide did not timely reminder of the old public toilets near the position of company representatives to "don’t know" refused to answer. On the other hand, or because of someone’s Chinese tourists refused to help, the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney has not received the parties to help news. Consulate General in the evening of 2 in reply to the reporter’s message said: "I have not received the relevant parties for museum. Our library pays close attention to the matter, has an emergency contact NSW police to inform the relevant circumstances and requirements." According to.相关的主题文章: