Li Yuyan: the price of gold broke the 1285 freeze on oil producing high attention to the range of finishing Monday (October 31st) the weather is cold, seasonal trading time is changing, the end of October winter today also ushered in the first month, gold and silver dollar with convenient cooling to boost, metal prices last week was pulled up to $1284 an ounce after the fall. The highest silver also rose to $17.9 an ounce; crude oil with Vienna on Friday OPEC and Russia and other non OPEC producers officials to hold two days of meetings in Iran and Iraq, because of opposition, not limiting to reach an agreement, so oil prices also fell sharply, oil prices fell as low as $48.4 a barrel. But today morning prices of $48.3 a barrel opening, or will continue to influence today, on line ending days or more light oil price fluctuation. Specific markets, the focus of attention by the U.S. election also contain the trend of the dollar, the United States and the United States under the pressure of political uncertainty. U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation on Friday (October 28th), said the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary will use private e-mail event to conduct more investigation. The report adds a new episode to the US presidential election, with the dollar falling against major currencies, mainly because of uncertainty about the outcome of the election, and most traders expected Hilary to win. Meanwhile, this week is about to usher in the November fed resolution will also be affected by the election, the material will remain unchanged, at the same time or will continue to push up the trend of gold and silver. But there are limitations. The payrolls report this week will usher in the October, Li Yuyan believes that as long as the non-agricultural employment growth in more than two digit growth is not enough for the fed to raise interest rates in December is expected to hit the market, the most concern is the outcome of the election, Jo Trump was elected, the interest rate will increase uncertainty. If the dollar will boost the dollar, putting pressure on gold. In December the Fed rate hike expectations have been denominated in dollars and gold after the trend, this implies that the dollar is not due to the non-agricultural soaring, gold’s decline is limited. Today we gold technically, a long time not known Yan of gold and silver trend to do a specific analysis, there are a lot of friends mentioned many times in public, Li Yuyan, and Li Yuyan is the author of a guide to the vast number of friends, then, from the beginning of November, will continue to be updated daily the trend of gold and silver; regression technology day online, from daily to see the price of gold after deep down sharply and gradually began to pick up the ladder pattern, are also intertwined the short-term moving average support line at 1272, above the pressure in 1285 days to see, the shock interval partial line; four hours online, the price of gold is significantly affected by the the 1280 line suppression, short-term drop in demand, then from the short-term trend, that day gold is more optimistic about the revised down to test high. So pay attention to the layout of the line 1272-1270 support. The specific operation is as follows: during the Asia Europe plate spot gold, gold back to step on the line to do more than 1275, stop 1271, target 1285-1288; gold above to be an empty single position in 1285, stop 128.相关的主题文章: