Like this kind of girl who doesn’t love p figure, dress beautiful Jiang Xin! Jiang Xin himself is plump entertainment all know, actress will generally take photos of your own p beautiful, even built too out of place, but Jiang Xin seems to always appear very natural and clothing products is bang bang da! The white dress looks easy fat, fortunately had a blue waist plate, and collocation plaid jacket can be a lot of fat covering. This striped shirt looks like it will make the whole person to achieve the effect of thin, and then with the denim skirt, very small fresh feel! Stay cool adorable white skinny beauty you love Jiang Xin black in gray coat collocation of tight pants here, but relatively fat girls or careful selection of tight pants this single product, will appear thick legs oh. This black lace dress, looks very feminine, the skirt looks the way the tall and slim. Jiang Xin this black loose suit, the whole people have lost a lot, loose clothing can not only cover the meat will look more casual casual. Jiang Xin this cowboy shirt with a loose nine minutes pants will appear to be the whole comparison of the fan, the hair will be more than a ponytail into the spirit. Jiang Xin the white skirt, the grid design looks very chic and elegant, coat makes Jiang Xin very gas field is in line with urban women. This striped suit Jiang Xin, competent and very stylish, vertical section of the stripe in the visual will appear the more slender proportion.相关的主题文章: