Liu Haoran will play Nirvana in Fire exposure "2" actor friends: style a little wrong – Beijing TV series "Nirvana in Fire" micro-blog official. In new network on 14 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, the costume drama "Nirvana in Fire" last year hit, actor Hu Ge with superb acting and new business peak. The performance of the "common Jing king" Wang Kai, "Fei flow" Wu Lei et al popularity is rising. Following the earlier actor broke the news will be a sequel, and now the protagonist is determined by the 18 year old Liu Haoran performance, the news immediately aroused heated discussion. It is reported that "2" is Nirvana in Fire named "Nirvana in Fire the wind Lin". The story takes place in Jinling imperial Liang Zhaotang, and Nirvana in Fire and Langya Pavilion still exists, the sequel will focus on re launched a new story in the Langya pavilion. For the fans, from 2015 began to look forward to a sequel to that, whether the same people continue to cooperation, but now basically broke the actor is 18 year old Liu Haoran, as for other roles, studios and actors also said that the only parties in negotiation. Liu Haoran was filming the movie "Beijing love story" and Ouyang Nana had been rumored, two people talking pure love, dubbed the "fans love CP". Now that the 18 year old he will replace Hu Ge as "Lang" sequel drama actor, many users have expressed dismay, "love Liu Haoran, but this style a bit wrong!"相关的主题文章: