Liu Yifei’s maid, mother not invited to the wedding of Jane Zhang, hot search is people the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! November 8th is not only the American election day and Wang Yuan’s birthday, even steal the spotlight is two weddings. Compared to the Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo sweet burst table index, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s wedding in the degree of luxury to be better. Jane Zhang Feng Ke Feng Ke: "true confession groundless talk for thirteen years, most of us know each other everything, we can prove each other everything, this is a new beginning, I also hope we have countless thirteen years." Jane Zhang also moved back: "we know each other in time, also experienced the test of time, is still learning. He is not a very good at expressing people, I believe we can infect each other, express each other, for a long time. I am the one who makes up my mind to do it. I say that the love I have for you is a lifetime." After the couple exchanged rings: the wedding ring exchange dinner table with flowers, very atmosphere: Jane Zhang wedding dinner followed by drying out the sweet Hot pot photos: Jane Zhang married Feng Ke however, netizens attention is not a deviation? Continue to occupy the hot search is not Jane Zhang nor Feng Ke, Liu Yifei is the first to be a bridesmaid. Liu Yifei and Liu Yifei for the first time when the Bride Bridesmaid Wedding scene by Chen Shaoqi as a witness, Deng Changfu served as the best man. The most surprising is that Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei, Pan Chen, Zhang Yuanyi will serve as bridesmaids, to know that this is the first time to be a bridesmaid fairy sister, also very let a person expect, but such beautiful bridesmaids will not grab the limelight! The bridesmaids in addition there are Li Dongxue, Chen Yifei, Steven (friends), Chen Qiushi (friends) will serve as the groomsmen. Tang Yan and Zhou Bichang is also a guest. Tang Yan Zhou Bichang Jane Zhang Tang Yan Liu Yifei also came a lot of people do not know, since the "after" The legend of Condor Hero Theme song, Liu Yifei and Jane Zhang two people are the good friend, Liu Yifei will debut their bridesmaid to Jane Zhang, how many people can guess? Another thing is to steal the spotlight, the wedding less the most important one, the mother of Jane Zhang. After the mother of Jane Zhang and Feng Ke "century reconciliation", still did not eat melon masses according to plot thought the script, because Zhang mother led the family ethics TV series, and a new fan. The settlement in November 7th, the media reported Jane Zhang’s mother has not received her wedding invitation, people in Chengdu, more bluntly: "the invitation Feng Ke said no, Liangying did not say what, because their marriage thing, I am very sad, depressed mood." In addition, she said, still can not accept Feng Ke, before the lawsuit with the first instance of Feng Ke, but also continue to follow the legal process. Earlier, Jane Zhang circle of friends forward micro-blog send blessings, good girl, to be happy!" He Jie, Liu Xijun and other friends also generous forwarding blessing in micro-blog. But refused to send blessings, but it is Zhang Ma. Chen Yao, He Jie, and most of the friends of the相关的主题文章: