Long Chao: September hike again dealing with bounced Gold & Oil low based client to view the latest quotes that affect heavy news has long been finally ended last night, sleepless nights I believe everyone to witness the glorious moment in history. The analysis of the fed to maintain interest rates unchanged is given in the article before fully meet the expectations fully in accordance with the long Chao, since the development of the direction, then, the profit is only just a matter of time. This morning the Fed’s decision to maintain interest rates unchanged, but in December this year to raise interest rates are rising, at the same time, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen also published the hawkish bias remarks hike, a October rate hike may say, Yellen is not playing the Tai Chi to the speech after the market did not come down yesterday, because although Yellen is a hawkish speech but the water is too large, it is to confuse the market, the market has digested will begin to fall, the market react is a fell after the first rise trend. The Federal Reserve announced to maintain the federal funds rate and overnight limit 0.5% lower limit of 0.25% unchanged, and said it would wait for more data before considering the decision to raise interest rates, it is reported that FOMC members in three to raise interest rates, respectively: the Fed members George, Meester and Rosengren. In the statement, the Federal Reserve forecast the economic indicators. Expected long-term unemployment rate is expected to be 4.8%, compared to June is expected to remain unchanged; expected in June is expected to remain unchanged; GDP growth is expected in 2016 1.8%, 2% GDP growth in 2017 is expected in 2017 PCE inflation; the expected value of 1.9%, compared to June is expected to remain unchanged; according to the statement of PCE inflation in 2018 will reach 2% inflation target. Long Chao and Yellen speech teaching view that the Fed can be seen, the Fed rate hike is appropriate to. This also gives the market great expectations for the end of the interest rate hike more likely. Although we often say that the interest rate hike is a means to get out of the capitalist countries, however, enough to affect the world economy fluctuations in the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates or not worthy of our attention. The most intuitive interest or not is affected by the dollar index volatility, if the implementation of interest rate, it refers to a stronger, the bullion market will weaken. For now, gold prices showed a rising trend, the next period of time the price of gold will fluctuate". The performance of economic data will be strong enough to support the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year. The market is likely to find support in the recent trading floor, because the US economy is still weak, except for the us. Spot gold technology: the price of gold yesterday a strong rise in the Asia Europe plate multiple roller coaster hold 1307 line support and stabilization. Then break the inter cell resistance 1318, and the way kaigegaozou rise directly to a high position. The Fed interest rate decision announced before the U.S. set period the highest hit 1329 line, then trading by the Federal Reserve announced to maintain interest rates unchanged this news influence, further rising momentum, short-term two rise to 1336.80 highs, the overall increase in more than 30 dollars. At present the daily view, after yesterday.相关的主题文章: