Long distance bus traffic police relay rescue doctor blind parturient women (Figure) – Beijing, a blind woman lying on the seat, pale. Police immediately contact the local hospital sent an ambulance, and led the police rushed to the scene…… This tense scene, in the evening of October 4th, a bus bound for Kunming from Jinghong. Fortunately, after Zhao water high-speed traffic police and doctors to pregnant women and children All is well. At 19:20, Zhaotong City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Zhao high-speed water Traffic and Patrol Police Battalion squadron of police received the alarm, said Ma Lin in the bamboo water, Jinghong bus bound for Kunming on a pregnant woman giving birth. Police rushed to the scene, I saw a pregnant woman lying on the bus seat, constantly shouting, next to the newborn baby is also linked to the umbilical cord. Police command bus driver pulled out a blanket, while patiently appease pregnant women. The ambulance arrived soon, but the pregnant woman’s mouth has been shouting a name, she had a big child in September. Police immediately found the crying child, it is not easy to coax him not to cry, but he was naughty to police a body of urine, causing everyone to laugh. After the pregnant woman sent to the ambulance, the family pulled the hand of the police kept thanking. At present, pregnant women and babies in good condition. (Yunnan Information Daily reporter Feng Yu)相关的主题文章: