Luoyang: a girl married father two months a homemade "cool" car (Figure) took two months of homemade electric car father – reporter Li Xiaobo Zhang Long correspondent Xu Wen Bowen picture news wedding team, car is not a luxury car, or car, but a homemade four wheeled electric car. In October 11th, the new Geely district one for a wedding, a red car special attention, the original, this wedding car is the father of the bride took two months of homemade electric vehicles. The special escort team, car is a homemade "convertible" front, wearing flowers, red body body, with the size of the ordinary four wheeled electric car, a windshield, rearview mirror, lamp, unique and chic, can take two people, car tail tied with a string of balloons, the bridegroom the bride was sitting in the car, smiling. It is understood that this car is a unique car built by the bride’s father. Speaking of this car unique wedding, the bride Xiao Xiao is full of pride. Her father is engaged in professional repair work, usually love thinking, love design, decide things must be done well. In May this year, Xiao Xiao set the wedding, when her father came up with the idea of doing a wedding car. "My father never learned, he was all alone." Quan Xiaoxiao said, this wedding car is made by the father of second cars, the first car to do it, my father did not reach the mind like that. In August, it started again. After 2 months of overtime, the father finally got the car made out, the red is beautiful, tire, the battery is bought, the seat, the mirror is from the old market to buy, is the father of a body iron hammer hammering out, even after seeing bridesmaids also surprised. "Father is really too hard, too much for me, my husband is also very touched." Quan Xiaoxiao said, "thank you father for me this car is the one and only wedding car." Unique wedding soon attracted hot on micro-blog, many users lamented: the bride is really happy, father really very talented. Luoyang city traffic police detachment official micro-blog also said the message, first of all, the blessing of two new marriage happy, but also for the bride’s father point praise! But at the same time remind, there is a great deal of vehicle safety hidden dangers, easy to cause traffic accidents, not allowed to go on the road, or belong to traffic violations. (newspaper) video: cool! Real uncle sail high road even super car today: Gan Lulu returned home to Xinyang thermal stove cooking makeup air becomes hot smell: the well-being of rural women today as Henan’s richest man 80 family is now Henan’s first richest woman to be hiding in Shanghai after years of domestic violence was found when the husband hacked to death 29 years old female boss Xinyang street love 16 her boyfriend card was transferred out 400 thousand national test tomorrow dispute falls to the national register to recruit 27 thousand people in Henan’s 806 position recruitment recommendation: a collection of Henan [] for Zhengzhou collect the memories of the old building (source network) now the streets of Zhengzhou, high-rise buildings, new buildings such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as one after another appears, people seem to gradually forget the old buildings in the downtown area of those hidden in the. In the changing circumstances of the surrounding environment, they still maintain the distinctive unique. Zhengzhou has a long history of old buildings, old photos by restoring the old king, to record;相关的主题文章: