Ma Yun talked to women: they are my handsome man will not say [TechWeb] – Sohu News reported on August 30th news, today the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba entrepreneurs such as Ma Yun Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister Justin dialogue? Ma Yun at the meeting and praise of women, he said with a smile, "the women are my handsome man is not so say……" Ma has repeatedly publicly talked about women’s important, Alibaba was founded with 18 partners, known as "the 18 arhats". Including Ma Yun, Sun Tongyu, Jin Jianhang, Cai Chongxin, Peng Lei, Zhang Ying, Wu Yongming, Sheng Yifei, Ma Changwei, Han Min, Lou Wen Sheng, Xie Shihuang, Jin Yuanying, Jiang Fang, Shan Dai, Zhou Yuehong, Yu Feng, Rao Tongtong. According to the China network statistics show that Peng Lei, Zhang Ying, and so on, and so on, female,, the proportion of female, accounted for the proportion of up to 33.3%, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the proportion of the proportion of the. And now, this proportion is still maintained, Alibaba has 34% of executives are women, in CEO, COO, President, CFO and other management positions. Ali inside the proportion of female employees was originally more than 50%, after the acquisition of a number of companies Ali, Ali female employees accounted for more than 49%. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also said, not only in the traditional women’s fashion industry needs women in the field of finance, science and technology, the potential of women is unlimited. So, when I was in the cabinet, I chose half of men and half of women." Trudeau said, see Ma is a "click", creating opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and praised ma. Ma Yun said that China and Canada have many opportunities for cooperation. Canada has a lot of good quality agricultural products, which are needed by China, and the Canadian science and technology industry, environmental protection, arts and culture are very attractive to Chinese people. The globalization of the past is not perfect, only a small number of Companies in the control of Global trade, the future, the majority of young people hope to be able to use mobile phones can easily carry out global trade. Trudeau said that when it comes to agricultural products, China’s middle class in the world to find high-quality products, while Canada has been known for high-quality and safe agricultural products. Canadians are too humble, not boastful, I think sometimes should "brag", our agricultural products is a good thing, "if you are buying Canadian agricultural products that you buy is the highest quality of agricultural products in the world". (Zhou Xiaobai)相关的主题文章: