Media: illegal petitioners to farmer who is under the instruction of death? Sohu comments Yang days straight death showed that although leapfrog petition is limited, but how to resolve the petition demands in place, strengthen territorial responsibility, the problem is still in suspense. Half the village – town of Yuechi County in Sichuan Province Yu Town, 68 year old villager Yang days until the Beijing petition was sent back to Yuechi, after being found people down the road to death. In November 13th, the Yuechi police for the murder occurred in August 20th of this year issued briefing, Zhang and other 9 suspects have been arrested, the case is under further investigation. Yu Zhen town government staff said, because of the death of the petitioners, the town Party Secretary Yu Jie has been suspended, the job vacancy. (surging news network November 15th) some things, people thought that no longer appear in public view, it does not exist. The death of Yang Tian broke the illusion. The nearly three months after the media replay, still let people be touching: the escort of Yang Tianzhi, beaten, do not give any food, feces and urine all had relatives in the crotch; see Yang Tianzhi’s photographs of the body said, "too horrible to look at". This is obviously less than 500 words can not be notified of the. Through notification, we can confirm some facts: one day, Yang straight because of being sent back to the petition, and therefore died in Yuechi road; two, the local relevant personnel accountable. But the report did not say clearly: it seems more local officials and repatriation Yang days straight back to Yuechi in the end what is the relationship? Before the announcement of "escort" exactly is who? Yang Tianzhi petition reflects the situation is true? And why hasn’t it been resolved? In addition to Yang Tianzhi’s case, there are more truth to be restored. According to reports, the repatriation of Yang Tianzhi van also shipped from Hubei petitioners. Thus, it is likely to participate in the repatriation of the operation of the market visit black security". This is not reminiscent of the hidden interests between them and the local government transactions. In early 2010, there are media from the bottom to the Anyuanding as the representative of the petitioners "black jails", pushing the official issued a series of measures. After a lapse of 3 years, and some of the media reports, "the Anyuanding" name, all black petitioners never stop. In another 3 years later, when the local petition rank was abolished after the re emergence of the Yang days straight the death of this vicious incident, there may be a "black security" figure, people have questioned the governance of illegal petitioners in the end what results achieved? We really get rid of the "Anyuanding" shadow? After the petition ranking system was abolished, it was once believed that the enthusiasm of the local government to intercept the visit was greatly weakened, will make the effort to respond to and solve the demands of petitioners, the contradictions in place. However, in the event of Yang Yang days straight, because years of land expropriation compensation to progressively petition, but did not get resolved, finally came to Beijing road. In stark contrast, after the incident, the local closely monitored Yang Tianzhi’s petitioners, issued a warning to the villagers seal. Such a contradiction, showing a clear distortion of Governance: in the treatment of letters and visits, some places相关的主题文章: