The media university girls murder case murderer trial court said the act according to the script original title: "the defendant pleaded guilty but not sincere apology" reporter Huang Xiaoyu Hao Xiaotian Zhou Yunlu’s father Li Sida’s father yesterday morning, social concern, Communication University of China girls murder case in Beijing City Court, the assailant, Li Sida suspicion of intentional homicide trial, the victims of their parents Li Sida and Zhou Yunlu’s father were enrolled in the trial. Because of the case involving personal privacy is not a public hearing, but the Beijing morning news reporter learned that Li Sida pleaded guilty in court. In addition, Zhou Yunlu’s parents filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit, the court and the part carried out in conjunction with the trial, the case will choose a sentencing date. Accused of seeking stimulation on suspicion of intentional homicide premeditation. Reporters learned that Lester nicknamed "the 24 year old uncle", the Department of Xinxiang city of Henan province. 2010 Li Sida and Zhou Yunlu at the same time to enter the school of drama, film and Television Institute of Communication University of China, during the undergraduate period two people do not have too much contact. In 2014, Zhou Yunlu admitted to graduate, Graduate School of Li Sida. According to the indictment, Li Sida to seek stimulation, after premeditation, on August 9, 2015 at 2 pm, 22 year old Zhou Yunlu lured to Chaoyang District Guangqulu rental office, holding a fruit knife cut, prepared Zhou Yunlu’s neck, Zhou Yunlu caused the rupture of left internal jugular vein, died of hemorrhagic shock. Public prosecutor that Lester intentional unlawful deprivation of life, causing death, the circumstances are particularly bad, the consequences are especially serious, a great social harm, their behavior violated China’s "criminal law" provisions, should be intentional homicide criminally. After the incident, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau compulsory treatment management office issued a judicial identification center of forensic psychiatry submissions, Lester showed no mental illness, no ability to identify and control of mental disorder symptoms caused by the implementation of criminal acts, as full criminal responsibility. After the court did not have an apology to court sentenced to death yesterday 9:30, the case in Beijing City Court hearing. Before the trial, the reporter saw Zhou Yunlu’s parents in front of the court. "Out of this, I believe we will understand the feelings of our families as victims." Zhou told reporters that he and cloud dew mother is 16 to Beijing this month, according to the court, early in the morning at the door to the court to wait for the hearing of 8. According to Zhou father, today in addition to the criminal part of the trial of cases, but also brought against him and the mother of Zhou Yunlu’s incidental civil lawsuit together for trial, but the specific amount of the claim for the week, the father said to disclose. From the incident to the present, Li Sida’s family has never apologized to contact us." Last week, said the father, I hope the court sentenced Li Sida to death. 40 minutes before the hearing, Zhou Yunlu’s parents in the staff led into the court. 5 minutes later, Li Sida’s father also wore a mask rushed to the door of the court, for an interview with reporters, Lee did not answer any questions, but also behind the defenders of the Li Sida is also not convenient to be interviewed. Trial oral confession did not bow apology process is very calm相关的主题文章: