"Meng Concubine" boot Ziling led to create a new fantasy CP- bear "Meng Ji" concubine entertainment Sohu as Sohu boot Entertainment News 5, directed by Wang Kaiyang, the strength and high value Ziling bear flowers Yan God Zhang Suzhe, small meat Li Shiyu starred in the movie "Oriental Fantasy" Meng concubine in Hengdian Town Grand boot. The film bears by three-dimensional pictures, Datang brilliant media, DMG India Ji media, according to Wang letter of culture media, Inner Mongolia Federation of small businesses, is the best television media CO produced, Beijing whale imaging film culture media CO produced, tells the story of a new female longing for love but Meng small shrimp, Fuke born funny story. The movie "Meng Ji" concubine Chinese focusing traditional culture, adapted from the Chinese myth "Meng", the traditional old lady Meng bold image set make the change in terms of gender, age, aesthetic understanding of integration of modern people, to bring you a new visual experience. This was the first time to show the weasel and female demon Meng new fantasy couple CP small shrimp on the screen, with the world will Meng, three Goulian, establish new view of the world, to create a strong plot, a comprehensive upgrade of fantasy, action, comedy movie, costume comedy will play to the extreme, open a new model of network big movie. In the film, the strength of the bear Ziling 90 Huadan play the leading role as the female, and playing with small shrimp, Jiangsa Mero, works on behalf of "the spring", "my love", "hit the war", "accomplice" rookie incoming etc.. In addition, the bear Ziling cross to the identity of the producer involved in the production of the three works of "grand track", "hunting spirit day group division of the Bloodstone" upper and lower volume has broken million, netcasting, the "grand track day mission" is the transfiguration of the "dark horse" from more than 2000 talent shows itself works, "the organizing committee won the first large festival prize". Breaking 100 million hits "grand track day" cast "old nine door" Princess "promotion" soul joined by breaking 100 million hits masterpiece "grand track day" original producer and starring Xiong Ziling, director Wang Kaiyang together again "concubine costume fantasy film Meng Ji", also assembled a "old nine door", "Prince Princess promotion" photographer, service is the soul to join the creative team lineup of luxury is excellent, the film will be in the whole creative team carefully chosen, scenery Hengdian television city view, will be integrated into Riverside special color photography scenic spot, not only to ensure that the "imperial concubine" Meng of high quality, but also draw great attention outside the industry, is looking forward to. Producer Xiong Ziling said, "this film not only in the creation of spent a lot of thought, on the choice of actor has also been thinking and careful screening, such as the Lich King role child body three times we overthrow the actor, finally make sure the little girl to play little boy. From the preparation of the film, shooting to the late, pay attention to every detail, give the audience a new viewing experience, is the ultimate goal of our creation." The film tells the story of the Tang Dynasty, the Meng Xiang land of idyllic beauty and human weasel demon demon Clan Wars, resulting in hostility is too heavy, even after the reincarnation have past lives, threatening people, demon two family peace. So.相关的主题文章: